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Leukemia boyfriend. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream leukemia boyfriend. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

leukemia 48
Meaning of the dream: good luck

supervising boyfriend 74
Description: practical realization

betray boyfriend 72
Interpretation of the dream: momentary whims

suspect boyfriend 30
Translation: emotional upsets

fondle her boyfriend 87
Dream description: delays and problems

boyfriend hurt 81
Meaning: realization of desires

letter of boyfriend 60
Translation of the dream: difficulties should not be underestimated

call your boyfriend 54
Interpretation: interesting revelations

healthy boyfriend 4
Sense of the dream: unexpected event

frolicking with boyfriend 43
What does it mean: important news

abandoned by her boyfriend 37
Meaning of the dream: triumph over enemies

have lover 55
Description: Revenge of envy

wait a lover 37
Interpretation of the dream: bad intentions

grab a lover 10
Translation: dangerous temptations

crave a lover 58
Dream description: Useful experiences

assaulting a lover 68
Meaning: You try to give positivity to someone

a lover backend processor 89
Translation of the dream: good health

falling asleep with a lover 1
Interpretation: good health

blood serum 49
Sense of the dream: hard work

lobster 22
What does it mean: joy in family

groom 72
Meaning of the dream: sadness

dead crab 18
Description: accommodation business in some period of time

small crab 50
Interpretation of the dream: lie discovery

emperor groom 30
Translation: part of their personality is maintained in a latent state

breast Espying 36
Dream description: an untrustworthy friend tries to miss

groom a horse 25
Meaning: considerable satisfaction

malignant cancer 17
Translation of the dream: concessions to do

incurable cancer 75
Interpretation: diligence and patience

groom a donkey 9
Sense of the dream: inner security

bloodletting 41
What does it mean: quick!

Crab at sea 86
Meaning of the dream: deserved reward

groom a mule 84
Description: economic benefits

cancer 54
Interpretation of the dream: healthcare long

hypertension 87
Translation: period of nervousness in the family

Zodiac sign Cancer 86
Dream description: changes in vision

urinating blood 58
Meaning: good health

drying blood 65
Translation of the dream: your enemies triumph

urinate blood 58
Interpretation: good health

extricate blood 40
Sense of the dream: economic success

expel blood 7
What does it mean: originality and independence

sprinkle the blood 78
Meaning of the dream: melancholy passing

white blood cell 9
Description: Fortunately momentary

serum 1
Interpretation of the dream: regret secret

see blood 12
Translation: pitfalls

serum smallpox 85
Dream description: resourcefulness excessive

28 - Smorfia classic: breast 28

bathe in blood 89
Translation of the dream: bad omen

boil the blood 56
Interpretation: new knowledge dangerous

spat blood 18
Sense of the dream: good health

purifying the blood 8
What does it mean: sympathies dangerous

drink blood 73
Meaning of the dream: imprudence in speaking

blood sausage 84
Description: collisions with relatives

lose blood 50
Interpretation of the dream: conquest ephemeral

observe the sign of Cancer 11
Translation: calls from a woman who became your enemy

church with bride and groom 54
Dream description: hidden enemies

vomiting blood 54
Meaning: disturbing facts

baptism of blood 15
Translation of the dream: indecision harmful

friend 19
Interpretation: litigation and disagreements

Blood Test 17
Sense of the dream: slander