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Lend aid. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream lend aid. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lend clothes 43
Meaning of the dream: decisive events

lend books 56
Description: enforceable rights

lend things 29
Interpretation of the dream: strange adventure

get aid 79
Translation: inner security

give aid usefully 70
Dream description: challenges to overcome

lend money 32
Meaning: you re too impatient

the promise of aid 30
Translation of the dream: significant recovery of business

lend 47
Interpretation: possibility of an inheritance, unexpected money

get help 71
Sense of the dream: love carefree

refuse aid 28
What does it mean: claiming entitlement

offer selfless help 36
Meaning of the dream: lack of understanding

reject help 14
Description: difficult family relationships

rush to someone's aid 15
Interpretation of the dream: cheated issues

bring help 7
Translation: expenses to control

seek help 8
Dream description: repairable errors

offer help interested 19
Meaning: secret protections

rush for help 26
Translation of the dream: active temperament

ask for help 8
Interpretation: good intentions

help vagrant 27
Sense of the dream: important decisions

help relatives 40
What does it mean: exaggerated optimism

giving help 80
Meaning of the dream: pleasant surprises

voluntary assistance 56
Description: happy life

shout for help 68
Interpretation of the dream: good intentions

assistance to a dying man 10
Translation: tranquility and well-being

hearing aid 85
Dream description: conquest of goods

to help 26
Meaning: your efforts to reach a goal

assistance to a woman in labor 27
Translation of the dream: charm immediately

elders assistance 67
Interpretation: patience with the young

assist a wounded 69
Sense of the dream: precautions exaggerated

borrow money 26
What does it mean: various dangers

aide lazy 56
Meaning of the dream: lack of enthusiasm

aide honest 39
Description: good memory

aide dishonest 51
Interpretation of the dream: excellent ability action

diligent aide 15
Translation: displays of affection

help 9
Dream description: your efforts to reach a goal

borrowed clothes 41
Meaning: you will be cowards in certain situations

pay to wear 64
Translation of the dream: loss rather serious

assist sick 75
Interpretation: good health

fasting for Lent 8
Sense of the dream: sick passenger

assistant director 70
What does it mean: support from relatives

observe Lent 2
Meaning of the dream: realization pleased

make enforce Lent 54
Description: overcoming difficulties

helping the poor 71
Interpretation of the dream: quiet life

relief efforts 2
Translation: fears

rendering a service 84
Dream description: commitments to be taken

aide machine 9
Meaning: change of ideas

midwife who assists 87
Translation of the dream: sorrows

assist a dying man 47
Interpretation: request for aid

pay attention 61
Sense of the dream: lively discussions

assist or participate in water polo 33
What does it mean: useful meetings

access if you help others 69
Meaning of the dream: fulfillment of desires

midwife assisting a woman in labor 10
Description: failure to repair

field aide 18
Interpretation of the dream: right insights