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Leisure output with cousins. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream leisure output with cousins. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

marrying cousins 55
Meaning of the dream: amazement

go to games and leisure 9
Description: danger of losing your good

exit 23
Interpretation of the dream: await new experiences

emergency exit 9
Translation: active life

exit room 23
Dream description: money lost

exit from dump 62
Meaning: nice relationship

exit from the antrum 71
Translation of the dream: increasing energy

Deadend road 66
Interpretation: someone restricts you in love or in business

look for a way out 22
Sense of the dream: secret fears

ensure the retirement 6
What does it mean: susceptibility

departure of soldiers 88
Meaning of the dream: important letter coming

stuck with sons 32
Description: success and fame

grandchildren 38
Interpretation of the dream: long life and health care

to produce 24
Translation: important commitments at work

sunrise with the stars 64
Dream description: need for greater reflection

sunrise with the moon 23
Meaning: fortune

go on vacation 9
Translation of the dream: benevolence of neighbors

look like the cousin 64
Interpretation: inability to concentrate

Londoner 67
Sense of the dream: peace in the family

produce documents 2
What does it mean: next gains

manufacture aviary 34
Meaning of the dream: bright future

National holiday 70
Description: love of money

to retire 16
Interpretation of the dream: animosity and courage

relaxation 59
Translation: need for extreme caution in circumstances apparently easy and pleasant

amount of sons 11
Dream description: prosperity at home

impasse 5
Meaning: you have no chance of success

castigate sons 37
Translation of the dream: danger of breakage

living in retirement 18
Interpretation: trouble with family

Working in retirement 7
Sense of the dream: threads to avoid

Vacation at sea 71
What does it mean: unfounded suspicions

cash in retirement 9
Meaning of the dream: practical achievements

abandoned by his cousin 24
Description: awards undeserved

see their family leave 17
Interpretation of the dream: Discussions with serious consequences

sudden departure 34
Translation: hard work

vacationing in the mountains 13
Dream description: Invitations welcome and pleasant

summer vacation at sea 8
Meaning: reports to be consolidated

retire to a convent 42
Translation of the dream: secret love

rest in the garden 71
Interpretation: changing situation

exit a tunnel 25
Sense of the dream: rebirth

rest on their laurels 26
What does it mean: balance

rise of sun 50
Meaning of the dream: excellent prospects

put someone to rest 24
Description: new interests

yield of unsold goods 62
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected obstacles

moonrise 4
Translation: illusory hopes

rest in an oasis 43
Dream description: overcome difficulties

rest on couches 27
Meaning: long-term commitments

starting line 26
Translation of the dream: awaits a difficult test

differ departure 8
Interpretation: malicious gossip

removal of goods 75
Sense of the dream: practical decisions

departure of relatives 29
What does it mean: difficulty passing

departure of aircraft 59
Meaning of the dream: amorous adventures

departure of the ship 68
Description: work still long and tiring