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Legacy assets. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream legacy assets. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

legacy assets 14
Meaning of the dream: exaggerated ambition

to have assets 77
Description: you feel happy

lose assets 2
Interpretation of the dream: adaptation to circumstances

dissipate assets 27
Translation: uncertain future

accumulate assets 80
Dream description: apprehensions

mortgage assets 17
Meaning: disadvantageous contracts

assets of government 88
Translation of the dream: do you want to prove your worth

wasting assets 34
Interpretation: general improvement

enrich for legacy 51
Sense of the dream: pleasant surprise

legacy of linen 5
What does it mean: Sad News

legacy of furniture 25
Meaning of the dream: inventive spirit

legacy of houses 43
Description: proposal to be rejected

patrimony 41
Interpretation of the dream: funeral in the family

family heritage 10
Translation: concerns

bequest of denier 16
Dream description: danger of leakage

accept a legacy 53
Meaning: sorrows

contesting a legacy 15
Translation of the dream: inconvenience of short duration

government property 88
Interpretation: need for aid

aging property 17
Sense of the dream: disadvantageous contracts

rent property 6
What does it mean: love for beauty

reclaim a legacy 50
Meaning of the dream: great concern

due to inheritance 11
Description: uncertainty and depression

squander an inheritance 52
Interpretation of the dream: irascibility contained

Church property 45
Translation: Economic instability

community of property 16
Dream description: good omen for love

cultural heritage 21
Meaning: Excellent reports

claim an inheritance 15
Translation of the dream: large-scale projects

reject an ance 37
Interpretation: missed opportunities

enriched by ance 70
Sense of the dream: heavy responsibilities and obligations

rejoice for a legacy 2
What does it mean: ambitious desires

portion of inheritance 51
Meaning of the dream: projects to keep secrets

division of property 15
Description: minor glitches

property administrator 4
Interpretation of the dream: need for new responsibilities

inherit from a friend 23
Translation: lack of self-confidence

himself master with ance 75
Dream description: consistency in the principles

inherit from his father 22
Meaning: infidelity to a friend

possession of property of others 47
Translation of the dream: change of luck

succession or ance 55
Interpretation: death of a relative

slippers old 32
Sense of the dream: perseverance in business

antique furnishings 6
What does it mean: major purchases

old buildings 13
Meaning of the dream: contempt

active census 12
Description: nervousness accentuated

property 40
Interpretation of the dream: you are materialistic

goods 85
Translation: contest

shelter for old 56
Dream description: encouraging news

bequest by will 9
Meaning: self-doubt

disinherit 13
Translation of the dream: agitation and extravagance

bequest of land 67
Interpretation: support to be given to relatives

donate goods 45
Sense of the dream: outlook feasible

gathering of alumni 51
What does it mean: pleasant meetings

Ancient objects found 42
Meaning of the dream: Financial rewards

inherit goods 63
Description: agitation justified

old and new frac 75
Interpretation of the dream: bad assets acquired

estate agency 27
Translation: easy money and places of honor

disinherit children 61
Dream description: agitation and extravagance