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Leaves crowded. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream leaves crowded. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

leaves flying 27
Meaning of the dream: sick passenger

crowded bus 4
Description: meetings annoying

crowded market 54
Interpretation of the dream: visits to relatives

crowded compartment 12
Translation: breaking agreements

crowded train 60
Dream description: future plans

diner's crowded 87
Meaning: difficult relationships

crowded bar 21
Translation of the dream: missed opportunity

crowded cinema 79
Interpretation: important proposals

see something that leaves you afraid 19
Sense of the dream: quick gains and important

crowded restaurant 87
What does it mean: difficulty in communicating

eating leaves 59
Meaning of the dream: complaints or disease

Dry leaves 36
Description: diseases

crumple leaves 26
Interpretation of the dream: disease

heaping dry leaves 83
Translation: you sighted

broccoli leaves 70
Dream description: deserved awards

crowded party 41
Meaning: the problems will be overcome

vine leaves 81
Translation of the dream: anger

boat that leaves 45
Interpretation: unfavorable successful your business

crowded parking 81
Sense of the dream: life and enthusiasm

elder leaves 44
What does it mean: diplomacy and cunning

green leaves 40
Meaning of the dream: healthcare

raking leaves 43
Description: sadness and melancholy

tea leaves 19
Interpretation of the dream: sentimental agitation

crowded street 15
Translation: concerns

crowded place of people 4
Dream description: many business views

mulberry leaves 7
Meaning: ambition and success

leaves 67
Translation of the dream: small health improvements

oak leaves 48
Interpretation: joy

déjà vu 8
Sense of the dream: You are experiencing a period of strong emotions

sage leaves 51
What does it mean: generosity rewarded

layer of leaves 15
Meaning of the dream: good health

heap green leaves 74
Description: attention to the evil enemies

hundred leaves (plant) 13
Interpretation of the dream: you will be disillusioned

bonfire of leaves 46
Translation: recriminations later

sheets 33
Dream description: Little satisfaction

a thousand leaves 3
Meaning: plot foiled

decorate with leaves 3
Translation of the dream: lasting success

branch with leaves 49
Interpretation: hopes achievable

bay leaves 54
Sense of the dream: benefits and convenience

sheaf of leaves 52
What does it mean: disagreements and discussions

crown of oak leaves 7
Meaning of the dream: honors

five sheets of colored sheets 12
Description: passing whims

leash 23
Interpretation of the dream: not stand more a bond

spades 21
Translation: an obstruction is present in your life

playing cards 71
Dream description: trouble and contrasts

tight anus 31
Meaning: someone deceives

cabbage leaf 5
Translation of the dream: obstinacy

rosemary leaf 8
Interpretation: optimal solution

stop smoking 78
Sense of the dream: you are not free

pretend to leave 3
What does it mean: frequent contact

sacrificing profit 84
Meaning of the dream: clear ideas

see crowds 64
Description: contrasts in love

foliage 21
Interpretation of the dream: concerns

leave for adventure 71
Translation: joy and happiness

tight (wedding ceremony) 55
Dream description: authorities