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Leave your slippers. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream leave your slippers. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Slippers women 52
Meaning of the dream: relationship in danger

cloth slippers 66
Description: concerns passing

slippers old 32
Interpretation of the dream: perseverance in business

new slippers 19
Translation: disagreements with loved ones

slippers routes 45
Dream description: good deals

buy slippers 37
Meaning: dangerous temptations

give slippers 23
Translation of the dream: clear ideas and positive

sell slippers 58
Interpretation: practical spirit

giving slippers 48
Sense of the dream: friendship in danger

leave use 59
What does it mean: steadfastness of purpose

leather slippers 80
Meaning of the dream: Unexpected Journey

Men's Slippers 84
Description: serious and deep bonds

walk with slippers 66
Interpretation of the dream: quiet serenity

leave the housing 76
Translation: waiting impatiently

bring slippers 44
Dream description: dangerous business

leave an intrigue 18
Meaning: forebodings fallacious

wear slippers 81
Translation of the dream: to suffer humiliation

slippers 87
Interpretation: disasters and economic difficulties

leave the university 43
Sense of the dream: you do not trust yourself

leave parents 30
What does it mean: misery

leave in pledge 70
Meaning of the dream: unexpected help

leave the family 58
Description: economic difficulties

leave alone 30
Interpretation of the dream: Unexpected help

leave his wife 52
Translation: unscrupulousness

leave the rest 14
Dream description: passion contrasted

leave the wife or husband 41
Meaning: cheerfulness

leave the warehouse 65
Translation of the dream: missed appointment

leave the shelter 49
Interpretation: reactions proud

pretend to leave 3
Sense of the dream: frequent contact

leave for adventure 71
What does it mean: joy and happiness

to leave 14
Meaning of the dream: better to be firm in their intent, which will be victorious

leave the theater 31
Description: uncontrolled actions

leave her husband 24
Interpretation of the dream: evil intentions of neighbors

leave the table 76
Translation: fascination

leave the sanatorium 52
Dream description: promises sentimental

leave the church 34
Meaning: delays and impediments

swallows that leave 30
Translation of the dream: trip likely

leave the house 10
Interpretation: benefits

cover your arms 37
Sense of the dream: imagination and romance

turn your eyes 88
What does it mean: dangerous inner insecurity

feel your arms 5
Meaning of the dream: objectivity of judgment

give credit to your flatterers 28
Description: betrayal and mislead yourself (or yourself)

leave work 44
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant events in family

leave the country 45
Translation: proposals to carefully consider

lose your bearings 13
Dream description: physical force

leave prison 87
Meaning: secret fears

put your panties 81
Translation of the dream: conduct changeable and inconstant

wash your pajamas 53
Interpretation: very complex personality

put your hands in your pocket 63
Sense of the dream: goods thwarted

keep your hands in your pocket 7
What does it mean: excessive intolerance

buckle your shoes 50
Meaning of the dream: narrow escape

scratch your shoulders 10
Description: union inconstant

burn your feet 25
Interpretation of the dream: protections required