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Learn new woman. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream learn new woman. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

learn letters 79
Meaning of the dream: joyfulness

learn craft 26
Description: unexpected overtime

learn greek 45
Interpretation of the dream: insightful

learn to dance 71
Translation: beginning of a new cycle

learn to ride 27
Dream description: Delay solution

learn to sing 1
Meaning: sadness passing

learn Latin 41
Translation of the dream: susceptibility exaggerated

learn math 15
Interpretation: greed for money

learn mimicry 8
Sense of the dream: good deal

learn chess 68
What does it mean: Find it difficult unnecessarily

learn 11
Meaning of the dream: achievable business

learn to ski 87
Description: ill health

learn school knowledge 9
Interpretation of the dream: anxiety

learn any poetry by heart 6
Translation: vain illusions

learn belles lettres 21
Dream description: joy

learn the game of chess 84
Meaning: waste of money

learn languages 54
Translation of the dream: According to the elderly

learn news 66
Interpretation: curiosity satisfied

opportunity to learn 31
Sense of the dream: requirements of the heart

learn French 69
What does it mean: unreachable desires

new doll 16
Meaning of the dream: bad projects

new jacket 16
Description: economic difficulties

learn to skate 18
Interpretation of the dream: sudden incidents

learn art 56
Translation: hopes dashed

learn to paint 65
Dream description: new phase in your life

script to learn 1
Meaning: morbid jealousy

new blouse 40
Translation of the dream: find difficulties to organize your schedule

learn to cook 60
Interpretation: joy in family

learn Spanish 54
Sense of the dream: prosperity

learn a profession 55
What does it mean: passing enthusiasm

learn a lesson 14
Meaning of the dream: superficiality of feelings

new rope 6
Description: industrious tireless

new boiler 13
Interpretation of the dream: falsehood to a friend

new tent 89
Translation: physical fatigue

new livery 64
Dream description: sense of justice and humanity

learn music 20
Meaning: sweetness of character

new stretcher 40
Translation of the dream: important relationships

new slide 9
Interpretation: joys family

new generation 87
Sense of the dream: crisis of confidence

new can 18
What does it mean: good health

new farm 13
Meaning of the dream: uncertainty of tomorrow

learning to read 2
Description: achievable business

woman 21
Interpretation of the dream: nature and love

see a naked woman 11
Translation: ambition, pride, desire unfulfilled

religious woman 76
Dream description: inner resources

beautify a woman 54
Meaning: desire for power

drown a woman 83
Translation of the dream: fake friends

woman football 5
Interpretation: excessive egocentricity

new town 57
Sense of the dream: good friendships

embrace a woman 40
What does it mean: injustice

dishonor a woman 6
Meaning of the dream: adventures difficult

blackmail a woman 70
Description: Economic instability

stabbed by woman 21
Interpretation of the dream: economic difficulties

new mother 45
Translation: you freed something

burn a woman 18
Dream description: loss of security

push a woman 80
Meaning: uncertainties and doubts

delegate a woman 18
Translation of the dream: sorrow and depression