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Laundry hanging. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream laundry hanging. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

laundry hanging 47
Meaning of the dream: malignancy on your account

stained laundry 44
Description: Protection and work

laundress leading laundry 22
Interpretation of the dream: envy hidden

dirty laundry 81
Translation: malicious gossip

hanging 64
Dream description: someone wants to hinder the work

foil laundry 3
Meaning: interests pending

laundry to be ironed 87
Translation of the dream: your job you do not like

laundry dried 65
Interpretation: pain and disappointments

Shoveler laundry 49
Sense of the dream: luck in business

pile of laundry 17
What does it mean: uncontrolled impulsiveness

rinse laundry 88
Meaning of the dream: momentary melancholy

wash linen 71
Description: prosperity and health

tablecloth laundry 19
Interpretation of the dream: prosperity and health

servant who does the laundry 34
Translation: pleasant events

whiten linen 66
Dream description: end concerns

Note the laundry 85
Meaning: objectivity of judgment

laundry basket 7
Translation of the dream: humiliation by acquaintances

squares hanging 23
Interpretation: strong sexual desire

laundry handkerchief 6
Sense of the dream: good social skills

laundry in the sun 28
What does it mean: certainly you reach your goal, but very slowly

Balcony with clothes hanging 37
Meaning of the dream: bright future

modern laundry 70
Description: Remedies to be made

ironing linen 86
Interpretation of the dream: balance between ideas and actions

see many clothes hanging 67
Translation: pain

cauldron of lye laundry 48
Dream description: sorrow or disputes short family

laundry tongs 23
Meaning: will come good news

laundry list 70
Translation of the dream: worldly success

Steam Laundry 86
Interpretation: extraordinary expenses

hanging chandelier 19
Sense of the dream: little understanding

laundry soap 70
What does it mean: propitious meetings

rattling off a laundry 40
Meaning of the dream: inconsistency in work

wash my underwear 31
Description: sudden change of plans

amass linen 14
Interpretation of the dream: malignant insinuations

washerwoman washing 44
Translation: discovery of a lost item

soften linen 17
Dream description: modest fortune

linen mended 28
Meaning: end of a concern

linen ordinary 62
Translation of the dream: considerable moral force

linen torn 11
Interpretation: unjustified suspicions

explain linen 50
Sense of the dream: Company interesting

drip of linen 7
What does it mean: resolutions to be implemented

laundry 81
Meaning of the dream: You are overcoming old problems

discard linen 22
Description: emotional security

hanging pictures 64
Interpretation of the dream: You will not aid in the expected difficult occasion, sadness and despair

do laundry 77
Translation: physical force

patch underwear 7
Dream description: new responsibilities

twist the linen 71
Meaning: good health

hanging meat 23
Translation of the dream: new possibilities

buy linens 31
Interpretation: positivity in love

picture hanging on the wall 21
Sense of the dream: momentary satisfaction

linens in the sun 32
What does it mean: childhood

underwear 21
Meaning of the dream: achievements inaccessible

engage linen 18
Description: insecurity to overcome

unravel the linen 26
Interpretation of the dream: little happy news or even chance of suffering a burglary

bed linen 43
Translation: sexual identity, body image and self-esteem