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Launch parachute. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream launch parachute. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

parachute 23
Meaning of the dream: kindness toward the family

jump with a parachute 21
Description: kindness toward the family

parachute closed 89
Interpretation of the dream: need for a final choice

open parachute 4
Translation: innate optimism

descend by parachute 35
Dream description: sense of security

see descend by parachute 33
Meaning: from health check

launch 31
Translation of the dream: instinctive nature

launch horses 79
Interpretation: instinctive nature

launch donkeys 87
Sense of the dream: unreasonable ideas

launch mules 45
What does it mean: harshness of fate

launch a kick 76
Meaning of the dream: critically

see launch a torpedo 63
Description: poverty

launch of a transatlantic 16
Interpretation of the dream: experience advantageous

attend the launch 47
Translation: critic situation

launch a ship 16
Dream description: joy

launch scream 67

launch receive curse 80
Translation of the dream: you re convinced that someone hates you

launch of a merchant ship 8
Interpretation: profitable venture

launcher 11
Sense of the dream: be wary of someone

launching platform 80
What does it mean: lack of courage

relaunch 19
Meaning of the dream: happy event

launching of a submarine 6
Description: just reward

launching of a warship 68
Interpretation of the dream: anxieties and fears

launches car 1