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Launch an apple. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream launch an apple. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

launch 31
Meaning of the dream: instinctive nature

launch horses 79
Description: instinctive nature

launch donkeys 87
Interpretation of the dream: unreasonable ideas

launch mules 45
Translation: harshness of fate

launch a kick 76
Dream description: critically

see launch a torpedo 63
Meaning: poverty

launch of a transatlantic 16
Translation of the dream: experience advantageous


attend the launch 47
Interpretation: critic situation

launch a ship 16
Sense of the dream: joy

launch scream 67

launch receive curse 80
Meaning of the dream: you re convinced that someone hates you

launch of a merchant ship 8
Description: profitable venture

apple 21
Interpretation of the dream: disappointment in love

Apple tree 20
Translation: cheerfulness

apple green 85
Dream description: important trip

ripe apple 87
Meaning: tenacity in work

apple red 69
Translation of the dream: interesting novelty

eating an apple 51
Interpretation: necessary compromise

seize an apple 7
Sense of the dream: little practical sense

apple umbrella 51
What does it mean: missed opportunity

cored apple 2
Meaning of the dream: exciting adventure

Apple pie 14
Description: deserved recognition

seize apple 7
Interpretation of the dream: opportunity to take flight

eating apple 70
Translation: slim consolation

rotten apple 6
Dream description: a welcome surprise

cut apple 49
Meaning: you shall separate


apple peel 84
Translation of the dream: You know a better person

apple essence 90

apple pancake 48

apple branch 21

eva with apple 69

apple blossom 75

Winter apple 80

apple lemongrass 45

apple rose 70

rose apple 70

stick with golden apple 42
Translation of the dream: ephemeral enthusiasm

Apple Orange (tree) 15
Interpretation: innocence, famine

eating a green apple 20
Sense of the dream: sorrows, troubles

apple poorly cooked 60
What does it mean: ill health

apple tree in bloom 26
Meaning of the dream: sincere love

apple tree loaded with fruit 70
Description: good business, prosperity

appliance 44
Interpretation of the dream: extravagant attitudes

applaud 70
Translation: condescension harmful

applaud a comedy 19
Dream description: friendships safe

applaud a tragedy 81
Meaning: improvement in business

applaud a drama 28
Translation of the dream: respect and protection granted

applaud a song 63
Interpretation: justified expectations

applaud work 9
Sense of the dream: prosperous business

applaud a speech 70
What does it mean: flatterers dangerous

applaud a personality 39
Meaning of the dream: sudden wealth

launcher 11
Description: be wary of someone

pineapple 12
Interpretation of the dream: fortune

eat pineapple 18
Translation: good news

pineapple dented by stick shots 32
Dream description: close loss, home business close to entangle or at least embarrassment of family coming by the groom or the bride on account of sex

have wounds pineapple 51
Meaning: the great disasters in the family

pineapple bigger than usual 36
Translation of the dream: joy and health, prosperity large

pineapple cut in half 21
Interpretation: vain confidence in the groom or the bride

applause 54
Sense of the dream: interesting journey

singer applauded 71
What does it mean: extravagant spending

apply for a loan 25
Meaning of the dream: incoherence and lightness

apples 2
Description: hatred secret

unripe apples 85
Interpretation of the dream: important trip

ripe apples 87
Translation: tenacity in work

red apples 69
Dream description: interesting novelty

baked apples 20
Meaning: interview welcome

eating apples 51
Translation of the dream: need for a compromise

apply for a passport 61
Interpretation: great fortune

launching platform 80
Sense of the dream: lack of courage

submit an application 2
What does it mean: temporary postponement of projects

apply for an extension 52
Meaning of the dream: emotionality from curb

see and eat sweet apples 6
Description: joy, pleasure, revelations, especially for the married woman and the spinsters