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Large wedding rings. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream large wedding rings. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

large scissors 45
Meaning of the dream: never trust placed

big breasts 5
Description: projects that are realized

large plates 24
Interpretation of the dream: fanaticism momentary

big calves 50
Translation: quiet serenity

big eyes 35
Dream description: pleasant adventure

slip rings 10
Meaning: not to listen to the advice

large pots and empty 33
Translation of the dream: useful meetings

large pots and full 55
Interpretation: a woman loves you

large potatoes 17
Sense of the dream: return of money

big ears 90
What does it mean: unhappy passion

large pupils 12
Meaning of the dream: obstacles in love

large testicles 70
Description: economic security

many big dogs 8
Interpretation of the dream: enemies

big scissors Tailor 18
Translation: await new experiences

adorn with rings 46
Dream description: bad omens

broken big scissors 60
Meaning: rectitude

large beans 35
Translation of the dream: the deception of women

frank wedding invitations 31
Interpretation: injustice

large clock 87
Sense of the dream: decline of luck

Wedding dragees 54
What does it mean: controlled pulses

ornament wedding 60
Meaning of the dream: Action countered

wedding candy 66
Description: shameful servitude

wedding favors 80
Interpretation of the dream: major change

wedding dance 48
Translation: hopes dashed

accelerate the wedding 33
Dream description: concerns ending

appears wedding 67
Meaning: chat with neighbors

wedding dinner 32
Translation of the dream: you will have nice surprises

eve of the wedding 2
Interpretation: gay life

prepare for the wedding 32
Sense of the dream: difficulty of short duration

Wedding decoration 77
What does it mean: venal love

plow next wedding 3
Meaning of the dream: formal notice of this dream that always bearer of ailments

wedding announcement 32
Description: greed for money

wedding present 44
Interpretation of the dream: pleasures and satisfactions

wedding day 63
Translation: unexpected dangers

sit at wedding 53
Dream description: heritage in view

wedding attire 80
Meaning: You will incur bad actions

large print 27
Translation of the dream: unpleasant tasks

property of large gardens or orchards 45
Interpretation: pleasure, happiness, health, wealth, family, honor in the family

accompany a wedding 53
Sense of the dream: next inheritance

more strong and big hips 5
What does it mean: good health

catch big fish 33
Meaning of the dream: joy and profit

wedding cake 3
Description: happy moments

being courted by big 53
Interpretation of the dream: misery, persecution

wedding veil 7
Translation: resourcefulness exaggerated

advise against a wedding 31
Dream description: romantic love

go to the wedding 28
Meaning: waste of money

spoiling a wedding 86
Translation of the dream: uncertain business

elegant wedding 55
Interpretation: irresolute character

wedding lunch 37
Sense of the dream: emotional intensity

cancel a wedding 59
What does it mean: intrigue friends

congratulations for a wedding 77
Meaning of the dream: desire for revenge

joy for a wedding 21
Description: false mirages in business

toast for a wedding 16
Interpretation of the dream: personality influenced