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Lamb neck. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream lamb neck. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

neck 1
Meaning of the dream: ambition or next legacy

take to the neck 87
Description: rupture of relations

long neck 65
Interpretation of the dream: sick passenger

short neck 90
Translation: misplaced trust

bull neck 65
Dream description: be happy

neck animal 36
Meaning: unexpected help

wash your neck 86
Translation of the dream: good health

powder her neck 26
Interpretation: request for help

neck lace 64
Sense of the dream: serious embarrassment and perplexity

goiter neck 4
What does it mean: death

dislocate the neck 74
Meaning of the dream: agreement difficult

have three heads on one neck 3
Description: honor, strength and heading to the wearer

kiss on the neck 79

burning his neck 84

the bird's neck 39

injured neck 49

ruffle neck 53

stiff neck 60

soaping his neck 90

wen in the neck 38

giraffe with a very long neck 6
Meaning of the dream: look around with distrust

lamb 5
Description: patience

little lamb 1
Interpretation of the dream: loss to the game

lamb big 9
Translation: welcome event

lean lamb 90
Dream description: new pleasure

lamb fat 17
Meaning: false security

lamb alive 12
Translation of the dream: jealousy tormenting

dead lamb 9
Interpretation: protection

lamb cooked 18
Sense of the dream: life long

lamb gone bad 40
What does it mean: unexpected increase of fortune

eat lamb 31
Meaning of the dream: tears and sighs

kill a lamb 5
Description: torment, boredom and sadness

brain lamb 18
Interpretation of the dream: instant results

lamb pluck 76
Translation: serious disappointments

legs of lamb 63
Dream description: inner conflict

fourth lamb 83
Meaning: uncontrolled impulses

roasted lamb 22
Translation of the dream: bad omen

Lamb grazing 67
Interpretation: period that you are carefree

Easter lamb 6
Sense of the dream: great future

fried lamb 57
What does it mean: period of social unrest

lamb broth 49
Meaning of the dream: rims are handled by someone

guts of lamb 83
Description: quarrels in love

lamb's liver 60
Interpretation of the dream: trying to keep calm

sauce of lamb 69
Translation: stressful time

Fricassee of lamb 84
Dream description: economic failings

Shepherd with lamb 48
Meaning: moment of mental weakness

ewe with lamb 5
Translation of the dream: joys family

breast-feed lambs 15
Interpretation: fear of deception

lambs in the country 1
Sense of the dream: tranquility, calm

buy lambs 17
What does it mean: amazement