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Lady with red dress. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream lady with red dress. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

red dress 48
Meaning of the dream: security

wedding dress or bridal dress 80
Description: flattery

lady 33
Interpretation of the dream: chatter at home

kiss a lady 22
Translation: You meet a long window of opportunity to your business

woo a lady 18
Dream description: malicious gossip

lady in waiting 88
Meaning: inconsiderate attitudes

lady to dance 63
Translation of the dream: excessive ambitions

beautiful lady 89
Interpretation: nervous tension

elegant lady 49
Sense of the dream: emotion and passion

lady flower 19
What does it mean: new responsibilities

lady pictures 20
Meaning of the dream: errors of assessment

young lady 67
Description: voluptuousness

game of the lady 2
Interpretation of the dream: pleasure, delight, approaching

hairdresser for lady 35
Translation: passion of love

lady at a party 36
Dream description: successes

lady on the balcony 74
Meaning: You will face the situation in the right way

lady work 45
Translation of the dream: contrasts clarified

lady to the toilet 77
Interpretation: Success in business

lady courted 86
Sense of the dream: great recognition and benefits

lady fainted 65
What does it mean: welfare

Lady Luck 75
Meaning of the dream: successes in work

Our Lady of Fatima 15
Description: spiritual rapprochement

receiving a gift from a great lady 3
Interpretation of the dream: change in fortune

89 - Smorfia classic: elderly lady 89

red 60
Dream description: passion

become red 19
Meaning: introversion

see all red 26
Translation of the dream: rebellious

red teenager 66
Interpretation: hatred declared

red berries 79
Sense of the dream: great charm

red mustache 40
What does it mean: collapse of illusions

red beard 13
Meaning of the dream: struggles to deal

red camellia 48
Description: Incoming letter

Red Dog 27
Interpretation of the dream: conclusion of business

Red hair 48
Translation: separation for a chat

red wax 71
Dream description: willingness relentless

red sky 4
Meaning: quarrels with relatives

watermelon red 27
Translation of the dream: Danger averted

Red color 26
Interpretation: happy relationships

red rabbit 85
Sense of the dream: dedication to a loved one

red coral 42
What does it mean: inner security

red sign 68
Meaning of the dream: bloodshed

red horses 30
Description: prosperity

red comet 77
Interpretation of the dream: war

red beans 82
Translation: harassing criticism

red prawns 38
Dream description: emotional crisis

red cat 83
Meaning: momentary infatuation

red lilies 75
Translation of the dream: greed for money

red geranium 16
Interpretation: favors from man

Red lips 63
Sense of the dream: good health

red apples 69
What does it mean: interesting novelty

Red nose 15
Meaning of the dream: maturation of projects