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Knave of diamonds. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream knave of diamonds. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ace of diamonds 67
Meaning of the dream: voltage

king of diamonds 71
Description: speculation profitable

diamonds 24
Interpretation of the dream: false appearance of fortune

eat diamonds 2
Translation: losses, wrath

find diamonds 34
Dream description: loss

see diamonds 28
Meaning: enormous damage

clasp with diamonds 48
Translation of the dream: Fortunately hampered

Earrings with diamonds 73
Interpretation: hypocrisy of relatives

cross with diamonds 67
Sense of the dream: good novelty in the work

bracelet with diamonds 2
What does it mean: narrow escape

tiara with diamonds 2
Meaning of the dream: timidity and indecision

chalice with diamonds 84
Description: offers promising

clip with diamonds 48
Interpretation of the dream: emotional sensitivity

interlocking diamonds 72
Translation: vivid pain

nuptial ring with diamonds 7
Dream description: sensitive nature

Diamond Necklace 46
Meaning: litigation

stealing diamond 12
Translation of the dream: source of income that fades

buy diamond 70
Interpretation: waste of money

Jack of cards 40
Sense of the dream: personal projects that are fixed

diamond couple 51
What does it mean: to curb impulsiveness

diamond set in gold 45
Meaning of the dream: requited love

bequest of denier 16
Description: danger of leakage

crook 12
Interpretation of the dream: next success

slave collar 18
Translation: requires radical changes

be a slave 7
Dream description: you will suffer a wrong

catch a crook 68
Meaning: gossip of neighbors

hide money 26
Translation of the dream: nervous tension

send money 65
Interpretation: momentary embarrassment

promise money 53
Sense of the dream: significant recovery of business

distribute money 24
What does it mean: mistrust harmful

set money 74
Meaning of the dream: false friendships are around the dreamer

seize denier 16
Description: interesting offer

loan of money 40
Interpretation of the dream: distortion of the truth

packet of money 4
Translation: contested goods

letters with money 23
Dream description: hopes fulfilled

big diamond 54
Meaning: business in crisis

diamond 29
Translation of the dream: falsehood, illusion

shovelful of denier 88
Interpretation: gratifying successes in battles

fake diamond 18
Sense of the dream: waste of money

give diamond 41
What does it mean: egotism and conceit

Diamond on silver 73
Meaning of the dream: want made

diamond on a ring 67
Description: honors

diamond on a bracelet 78
Interpretation of the dream: you have taken the right path

miser counts the money near the chest 75
Translation: succession next

paperweight 48
Dream description: You are looking for stability

altruism 57
Meaning: serenity conquered

Philharmonic 51
Translation of the dream: worries and troubles

megaphone 28
Interpretation: You will advance grade

dahlia 88
Sense of the dream: triumph over enemies

serenade 14
What does it mean: combativeness

pantograph 3
Meaning of the dream: contentment

music paper 90
Description: favorable changes

convicted of patricide 75
Interpretation of the dream: good health

innkeeper pouring wine 44
Translation: onerous task

proscenium stage 18
Dream description: missed opportunity