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Kissing passionately loving. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream kissing passionately loving. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

love passionately 82
Meaning of the dream: responsibilities rejected

looked loving 20
Description: indecision

kiss or kissing 75
Interpretation of the dream: hypocrisy, deceit

loving embassy 2
Translation: treacherous friendships

kissing a child 15
Dream description: lack of sincerity

kissing priests 65
Meaning: complicated hurdles to overcome

kissing animals 75
Translation of the dream: illusions to forget

kissing mother 52
Interpretation: sudden entry of money

Dancer kissing 7
Sense of the dream: accounts to be redone

kissing a tattoo 87
What does it mean: You are looking to change their lives

loving woman 17
Meaning of the dream: frankly misunderstood

kissing soldiers 12
Description: own business in disarray

kissing in front 17
Interpretation of the dream: female friends

kissing lips 74
Translation: joyfulness

kissing with lover 72
Dream description: lack of sincerity

loving kiss 60
Meaning: harmful interference of third parties

kissing girl 6
Translation of the dream: auspices happy

He devotes loving 11
Interpretation: disappointment with a letter

ticket loving 22
Sense of the dream: concerns unjustified

loving elegy 48
What does it mean: heavy duty

young girl kissing 69
Meaning of the dream: vote of confidence

kiss the foot 3
Description: disadvantages inevitable

kissing the ring to the pope 11
Interpretation of the dream: strong impressionability

kissing the ring to a cardinal 62
Translation: good luck

kissing an enemy 85
Dream description: happiness and luck

kiss the ground 28
Meaning: melancholy love

kiss a child 60
Translation of the dream: revenge on opposition

kiss an old 66
Interpretation: dangers inevitable

kiss the girl 6
Sense of the dream: happy auspices

loving approach 43
What does it mean: positive ideas

kiss a dead 75
Meaning of the dream: longevity and profit

kissing father 9
Description: next change

fall asleep kissing 4
Interpretation of the dream: vanity

kiss a relative 76
Translation: adversity in family

kiss a portrait 7
Dream description: heartbreak

kissing with brother 28
Meaning: You have regrets of the past

kiss lover 11
Translation of the dream: sudden sorrows

kissing with children 12
Interpretation: useful meetings

loving daughter 22
Sense of the dream: bright future

kissing the ring to the bishop 2
What does it mean: excellent relations

kissing a man 58
Meaning of the dream: sad conjectures

loving mother 52
Description: loss of friends

loving relationship 76
Interpretation of the dream: abandonment of a friend

mouth kissing 50
Translation: disillusionment from friends

kiss the face 6
Dream description: gossip and slander

kiss a wall 30
Meaning: little impressionability

kiss the ring 82
Translation of the dream: return of a forgotten friend

kiss the cassock 39
Interpretation: spiritual development

kiss the relic 4
Sense of the dream: firm faith

kiss a teenager 62
What does it mean: ambition fulfilled

love lover 31
Meaning of the dream: lack of optimism

loving sister 15
Description: return of money

loving god 84
Interpretation of the dream: you feel satisfied

Loving Parents 52
Translation: understanding in the working environment

kiss a brother 80
Dream description: thwarted love

lover 39
Meaning: a sign of sadness and strife