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Kisses language colleague. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream kisses language colleague. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

humiliate a colleague 81
Meaning of the dream: wounded pride

discredit a colleague 85
Description: economic concerns

burns language 1
Interpretation of the dream: lack of self-control

wary of a colleague 48
Translation: inhibitions and complexes

pull kisses 87
Dream description: happy hours

receive kisses 39
Meaning: love betrayed

Italian language 59
Translation of the dream: you re comfortable

eat your language 89
Interpretation: quick decision-making

Aramaic language 15
Sense of the dream: you have some fear deep in the unconscious

human language 46
What does it mean: afraid to talk

salty language 90
Meaning of the dream: program to change

burned language 11
Description: moral resistance

language fall 59
Interpretation of the dream: good family relations

the cooked language 45
Translation: reconciliation with relatives

language 27
Dream description: you are not sincere

foreign language 88
Meaning: inconvenience

Animal language 28
Translation of the dream: discomfort and discontent

provincial language 89
Interpretation: new friendships and acquaintances

difficult language 54
Sense of the dream: harmony with loved ones

speak a foreign language 3
What does it mean: liberation from commitments

mastery of a foreign language 15
Meaning of the dream: possible trip

tongue 27
Description: you are not sincere

smoked tongue 56
Interpretation of the dream: hard battles to sustain

little tongue 8
Translation: new charge of vitality

red tongue 66
Dream description: your way to protect themselves from the harsh reality of life

mouth kissing 50
Meaning: disillusionment from friends

language convention 10
Translation of the dream: satisfaction and fulfillment

snake tongue 88
Interpretation: balance

big tongue 45
Sense of the dream: dangers that come from people friends or family

fall asleep kissing 4
What does it mean: vanity

ox tongue 84
Meaning of the dream: bad Company

fellow student 43
Description: change the way we live

bite his tongue 21
Interpretation of the dream: understanding for others

burn your tongue 11
Translation: moral resistance

cut off the tongue 42
Dream description: you want to stop someone from talking

pork tongue 26
Meaning: challenges to overcome

Dancer kissing 7
Translation of the dream: accounts to be redone

have his tongue cut off 16
Interpretation: you can not express yourself

kiss or kissing 75
Sense of the dream: hypocrisy, deceit

kissing father 9
What does it mean: next change

burning to the tongue 20
Meaning of the dream: protection from family

language school 72
Description: from health check

popping of the tongue 27
Interpretation of the dream: break with a friend

kissing with children 12
Translation: useful meetings

kissing with brother 28
Dream description: You have regrets of the past

kissing with lover 72
Meaning: lack of sincerity

young girl kissing 69
Translation of the dream: vote of confidence

workmate 37
Interpretation: discord in the family

French kiss 15
Sense of the dream: Useful experiences

fellow soldier 11
What does it mean: opposition in family

school mate 56
Meaning of the dream: momentary embarrassment

fellow prisoner 26
Description: next trip

young girl kissed 56
Interpretation of the dream: good business

learn languages 54
Translation: According to the elderly

discord among fellow 1
Dream description: birth of a child

being kissed by an enemy 80
Meaning: you will be deceived