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Kiss baby jesus. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream kiss baby jesus. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

baby Jesus 25
Meaning of the dream: violent passion

blaspheming jesus 90
Description: takes extra money

jesus passion 71
Interpretation of the dream: agitation and anxiety

worship jesus 48
Translation: protections

baby kiss 11
Dream description: you're missing something in your life

jesus in Figure 63
Meaning: sense of security

shroud of Jesus 1
Translation of the dream: mystification of events

Nativity of Jesus 25
Interpretation: exuberance

see jesus christ 5
Sense of the dream: you'll have plenty wellbeing

Jesus Christ 33
What does it mean: the dreamer will have a prosperous future

talk to jesus christ 32
Meaning of the dream: hopes and consolations

listen jesus christ 8
Description: consolation

baby cap 70
Interpretation of the dream: Good news coming

kiss relatives 76
Translation: complications in friendship

baby clean 46
Dream description: trepidation for a child

baby messy 23
Meaning: illusion lost

chubby baby 54
Translation of the dream: next joys

baby dress 13
Interpretation: Late repentance

baby baptism 5
Sense of the dream: donation from elderly person

snorting baby 70
What does it mean: inspirations to follow

Baby Scratch 87
Meaning of the dream: solitude

shit baby 3
Description: fruitfulness and abundance

pajamas baby 27
Interpretation of the dream: unnecessary waiting

baby item 1
Translation: long-term projects

baby sucking 48
Dream description: You want to have good luck

baby suffocated 77
Meaning: eased the concerns and will return more serene

hair baby 1
Translation of the dream: error that you have to pay

kiss image 60
Interpretation: gratitude demonstrated

kiss lover 11
Sense of the dream: sudden sorrows

heat a baby 26
What does it mean: to overcome prejudices

baby in bath 17
Meaning of the dream: disputes difficult

baby barefoot 81
Description: need saving

baby bald 87
Interpretation of the dream: narrow escape

ugly baby 31
Translation: restlessness

wax baby 83
Dream description: failure

friendly kiss 27
Meaning: danger of loss of money

affectionate kiss 78
Translation of the dream: discovery of a secret

apron baby 47
Interpretation: knowledge important

Baby range 69
Sense of the dream: person loves you

baby laughing 14
What does it mean: meandering thoughts

traitorous kiss 85
Meaning of the dream: waste of time

loving kiss 60
Description: harmful interference of third parties

reassure throws baby 85
Interpretation of the dream: money coming

fatherly kiss 16
Translation: mission to accomplish

crying baby 40
Dream description: happiness reached

cradle a baby 41
Meaning: confidence in the future

dead baby 14
Translation of the dream: morbid thoughts

naked baby 18
Interpretation: noble feelings

chunky baby 82
Sense of the dream: good health

bought baby 27
What does it mean: joyfulness

baby in cot 18
Meaning of the dream: feminine coquetry

maternal kiss 59
Description: inconstancy affections

sensual kiss 64
Interpretation of the dream: forbidden love

undress a baby 10
Translation: recognition of a right

corsage Baby 13
Dream description: Good news