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Killing auto colombo. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream killing auto colombo. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Auto candle 46
Meaning of the dream: procured a less agitated

auto wheel 43
Description: opportunity for revenge

killing a boy 90
Interpretation of the dream: malicious thoughts

hull car 60
Translation: luck in business

get out of the car 22
Dream description: refund of money

auto exposure 76
Meaning: quiet life

killing a woman 29
Translation of the dream: unwillingness

killing relatives 42
Interpretation: momentary embarrassment

auto repair shop 86
Sense of the dream: concerns that are going to fade away

killing men 2
What does it mean: fears to be overcome

killing a guard 83
Meaning of the dream: repressed passion

killing a bull 49
Description: collaboration difficult

launches car 1
Interpretation of the dream: intense passion

breaking car 88
Translation: benefits and protections

seize car 32
Dream description: work hard

post car 65
Meaning: affirmation slow

hatchback car 9
Translation of the dream: lack of confidence

honking car 90
Interpretation: little attention to job

rein in car 6
Sense of the dream: useless remorse

abandoned car 21
What does it mean: your marriage is in danger

Driving a Car 89
Meaning of the dream: independent character

load a car 5
Description: quick fix

killing for disease 74
Interpretation of the dream: statement of their views

lurking in the car 48
Translation: originality and independence

Starting by car 49
Dream description: New appointments

dead in car 27
Meaning: Be vigilant, the threat of danger

luxury car 4
Translation of the dream: external negative influences

car lamborghini 80
Interpretation: You have a dream

woman in car 55
Sense of the dream: precipitous actions

pay car 17
What does it mean: Decision to return

injured by car 89
Meaning of the dream: bad physical shape

sleep in the car 40
Description: sudden changes

Democrat by car 8
Interpretation of the dream: quiet situation

contravention by car 20
Translation: vivacity of spirit

Abortion by car 17
Dream description: end up your balance

station wagon (car) 66
Meaning: happy event

auto parts 30
Translation of the dream: support in other circles too

clash with the car 5
Interpretation: friendship in danger

travel by car 12
Sense of the dream: unexpected luck, illustration

fall out of the car 66
What does it mean: missed appointment

look out of the car 56
Meaning of the dream: disharmony

watching cars 90
Description: liberation from weights

pigeon on the sown 7
Interpretation of the dream: nervousness and intolerance

holey car rubber 19
Translation: disagreement with those who do not get along

tip over with the car 81
Dream description: bodes ill for the rich and shopkeepers

painting of a pigeon 83
Meaning: vanity

make a spin with the car 21
Translation of the dream: feelings of guilt for something you have committed

pigeon with palm 27
Interpretation: friendships are strengthened

killing a child 11
Sense of the dream: malice in love

not find the car in the parking lot 90
What does it mean: problems to solve

overturning cars 10
Meaning of the dream: lack of resources

automotive bearings 66
Description: something in your life does not go as you wanted

insure the car 7
Interpretation of the dream: prudence in business

accommodate cars 32
Translation: uncertainties and doubts