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Killing a woman. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream killing a woman. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

killing a woman 29
Meaning of the dream: unwillingness

brutally killing a woman 19
Description: excellent outcome of a deal

killing a child 11
Interpretation of the dream: malice in love

killing a guard 83
Translation: repressed passion

killing a boy 90
Dream description: malicious thoughts

killing a bull 49
Meaning: collaboration difficult

killing relatives 42
Translation of the dream: momentary embarrassment

killing his wife 81
Interpretation: suspects in love

killing men 2
Sense of the dream: fears to be overcome

corpse of a woman 7
What does it mean: falsehood to a friend

reaction of a woman 24
Meaning of the dream: emotional sensitivity

drowning of a woman 36
Description: We're anxiously waiting for some event

woman's wig 11
Interpretation of the dream: new working relationships

belly of a woman 62
Translation: ties secrets

woman's hat 26
Dream description: unexpected gifts

help a woman 40
Meaning: melancholy

killing for disease 74
Translation of the dream: statement of their views

woman's ingenuity 87
Interpretation: sociability

dead woman 11
Sense of the dream: Crisis in love

brutally killing a dog 15
What does it mean: intimate serenity

stench of woman 33
Meaning of the dream: impediments and delays

brutally killing a cat 13
Description: next pain

agony of woman 37
Interpretation of the dream: deception of employees

snort of woman 38
Translation: intense activity

buttoning up the dress of a woman 16
Dream description: end in sight

woman's faeces 64
Meaning: dangers

feet of woman 41
Translation of the dream: trip thwarted

woman's head 33
Interpretation: small contrasts

woman's ear 86
Sense of the dream: intense movement

beautify a woman 54
What does it mean: desire for power

drown a woman 83
Meaning of the dream: fake friends

forcing a woman 35
Description: good faith betrayed

paladin of a woman 28
Interpretation of the dream: variability of mood

embrace a woman 40
Translation: injustice

dishonor a woman 6
Dream description: adventures difficult

threaten a woman 38
Meaning: sick passenger

blackmail a woman 70
Translation of the dream: Economic instability

stabbed by woman 21
Interpretation: economic difficulties

burn a woman 18
Sense of the dream: loss of security

push a woman 80
What does it mean: uncertainties and doubts

killing lover 88
Meaning of the dream: quarrels dangerous

delegate a woman 18
Description: sorrow and depression

kiss of woman 62
Interpretation of the dream: with patience you reach your goal

seduce a woman 12
Translation: hidden desires

poison a woman 8
Dream description: victory over difficulties

body of a woman 39
Meaning: successfully thwarted

beautiful legs of a woman 8
Translation of the dream: health and joy

woman's breast 35
Interpretation: money and health

grudge against a woman 70
Sense of the dream: imprudence

woman's throat 45
What does it mean: Action unreasonable

the face of the woman 33
Meaning of the dream: betrayal and fiction

gift from a woman 52
Description: friendship

good woman 82
Interpretation of the dream: vanity

assaulting a woman 76
Translation: sudden change

convalescent visit a woman 51
Dream description: obstacles and hostilities

wary of a woman 10
Meaning: irremediable discord

betrayal of a woman 76
Translation of the dream: resourcefulness

ugly woman 50
Interpretation: uncertain situation

dance with a woman 10
Sense of the dream: triumph passenger

nature of woman 6
What does it mean: physical ailments