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Killer doll. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream killer doll. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

moth killer 29
Meaning of the dream: suspicions

stop a killer 67
Description: unnecessary risks

cradle Doll 1
Interpretation of the dream: pipe dreams

doll that laughs 52
Translation: ability to adapt

dancing doll 76
Dream description: constructive energy

new doll 16
Meaning: bad projects

doll old 44
Translation of the dream: embarrassment in a choice

naked doll 66
Interpretation: ostentation ridiculous

broken doll 55
Sense of the dream: dissipation of money

doll dressed 53
What does it mean: new knowledge

plastic doll 58
Meaning of the dream: deception, boredom, anger

doll 11
Description: desire to be someone else and escape from the problems and present responsibility

doll that walks 59
Interpretation of the dream: indecision

doll that cries 58
Translation: realization of desires

give the doll 32
Dream description: necessary appeasement

play with the doll 79
Meaning: reputation in danger

doll that sings 62
Translation of the dream: you need assistance for families

mechanical doll 8
Interpretation: head shots risky and dangerous

cloth doll 3
Sense of the dream: carelessness in business

porcelain doll 64
What does it mean: infidelity in love

receive doll as a gift 66
Meaning of the dream: consolations of old friends

wax doll 18
Description: difficult ascent

hit man 46
Interpretation of the dream: unmet expectations

murderess arrested 33
Translation: quarrels and gossip

repented murderess 62
Dream description: deep sorrow

conspired murderess 74
Meaning: travel plans

judging murderess 83
Translation of the dream: general improvement

convicted murderess 60
Interpretation: loss of prestige

murderess executed 43
Sense of the dream: deep sorrow

murderess in jail 44
What does it mean: suffering in love

murderess 44
Meaning of the dream: false and envious friends

rag doll 31
Description: Useful experiences

killer whale 64
Interpretation of the dream: you want more serenity

wounded murderess 58
Translation: Good news coming

murderess killed 27
Dream description: nightmares

fugitive murderess 56
Meaning: failure of projects

report a murderess 36
Translation of the dream: indiscretion of friends

disarm a murderess 18
Interpretation: embarrassing situation

assassin who escapes 87
Sense of the dream: threads for interest

capture a murderess 24
What does it mean: reckless actions

falling into the hands of a murderess 87
Meaning of the dream: concerns from relatives loved ones

meet killers 43
Description: efforts in work

pay a hitman 50
Interpretation of the dream: unmet expectations

murderer executed 5
Translation: dishonor

teddy bear puppet 25
Dream description: positive love life

donate dolls 66
Meaning: need for a greater commitment

doll up 66
Translation of the dream: bad news

murderess prison 79
Interpretation: difficulties of adaptation

puppet 48
Sense of the dream: cheerfulness

puppet carved 9
What does it mean: complications and troubles of all kinds

see a murderess 37
Meaning of the dream: inner torment

babydoll 63
Description: sensuality

cabin puppet 24
Interpretation of the dream: in general

puppet that moves 16
Translation: visits to relatives