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Killed fired. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream killed fired. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

see someone fired 68
Meaning of the dream: person on whom they are serious doubts

fired arsenal 8
Description: risk investment

fired from doing damage 38
Interpretation of the dream: fright

nanny fired 34

cinema that gets fired 39

boy fired 69

fired rubber 38

governess fired 8

and fired blanks 59

hazelnut fired 9

be sacked fired 4
Meaning of the dream: feelings of rejection of others to you

see a fired acquaintance 5
Description: wary of friendly person

brutally killed 65
Interpretation of the dream: process lost

killed by accident 27
Translation: Fears passengers

killed out of jealousy 42
Dream description: rivalry in love

anarchist killed 11
Meaning: serious problems to be solved

gunman killed 53
Translation of the dream: awards undeserved

pickpocket killed 33
Interpretation: hope fades

robber killed 5
Sense of the dream: understanding on the part of older people

murderers be killed by them 4
What does it mean: inheritance


be killed by robbers 82
Meaning of the dream: heritage removed

killed the owl 12
Description: false accusations

pheasant killed 77
Interpretation of the dream: wickedness

He is killed by a robber 24
Translation: soon inherit great wealth

killed rat 39
Dream description: end of a dispute

pierced or be killed 7
Meaning: fright

adulterer killed 68
Translation of the dream: bad omens

African killed 90

American killed 62

killed with stick 77

killed with knife 1

killed in the woods 38

lurking killed 73

vulture killed 31

barbarian killed 56

hunter killed 60
Meaning: achieving a goal

Colonel killed 87

Commissioner killed 81

killed factor 79

killed exhibition 59

governor killed 42

crane killed 64

guard killed 89

warrior killed 42

hyena killed 17

cheater killed 44

emperor killed 1

informer killed 46

killed mafia 58

pigs killed 66

priest killed 15

rhino killed 44
Description: aspects of your character to improve

spy killed 38

tyrant killed 26

owner killed 5

murderess killed 27

councilor killed 56

cadet killed 71

jailer killed 58

creditor killed 28

scab killed 75

financier killed 75

Minister killed 67

wife killed 66

Panther killed 78

Mafia boss killed 72

stack firewood 24
Translation of the dream: abundance

light a fire 45
Interpretation: cheerfulness

accept splitting firewood 88
Sense of the dream: contrasts

buy firewood 1
What does it mean: intolerance

bundle firewood 12
Meaning of the dream: luck in business

crowds of firemen 76
Description: concerns family

fireplace andirons 2
Interpretation of the dream: passion diminished