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Kidnapping and rape. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream kidnapping and rape. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

rape women 5

crumple fresh grapes 37
Description: realizations

treading grapes 28
Interpretation of the dream: misunderstanding by a woman

flowered drape 55
Translation: court etiquette and pride

drape up 16
Dream description: good wishes

scrape or scratch 24
Meaning: slander that can lead to serious consequences

letter draped in mourning 73
Translation of the dream: joy and serenity

bunch of grapes 19
Interpretation: Fortunately particular and deep joy

stand out bunches of white grapes 16
Sense of the dream: gain

parapet 14
What does it mean: return of old favorites

parapet of a bridge 60
Meaning of the dream: arriving

parapet of a window 58
Description: period gray and banal

parapet of a balcony 12
Interpretation of the dream: inconvenience to jealousy

grapefruits 19
Translation: Confident business

grapefruits on the tree 7
Dream description: Confident business

pick grapefruits 64
Meaning: great excitement

buy grapefruits 50
Translation of the dream: practical achievements

squeeze grapefruits 30
Interpretation: uncertain situation

give grapefruits 19
Sense of the dream: profitable business

sell grapefruits 3
What does it mean: trouble with family

passionflower, therapeutic plant 44
Meaning of the dream: go to very useful and peaceful period

feel your feet scrape by someone 2
Description: not to listen to flatterers

eat or see grapefruit (fruit) 13
Interpretation of the dream: events pleased

pergola with white grapes 23
Translation: victory over enemies

pergola with black grapes 15
Dream description: contradictions

scrape iron 50
Meaning: solution to solicit

scrape wood 24
Translation of the dream: desire for freedom

scrape a bone 21
Interpretation: perplexity and waiting

scrape a stone 34
Sense of the dream: high costs to deal

scrape a script 47
What does it mean: fascinating proposal

scrape floors 61
Meaning of the dream: state of nervousness

scrape glass 45
Description: request for favors

scrape carpets 68
Interpretation of the dream: intentions secret

scrape with sandpaper 10
Translation: reckless projects

grape festival 30
Dream description: immediate gain

scrape hares 85
Meaning: loss of money

scrape horses 53
Translation of the dream: news late

scrape a knee 88
Interpretation: challenging work

scrape 67
Sense of the dream: upcoming wedding

scrape a picture 83
What does it mean: willingness weak

dried grapes 59
Meaning of the dream: next change

scraper 63
Description: you have a lot of power, you re destructive

press for grapes 54
Interpretation of the dream: abundance of goods

trapeze 34
Translation: love declaration

perform on the trapeze 80
Dream description: love declaration

fall from the trapeze 23
Meaning: danger of errors

see more on the trapeze 2
Translation of the dream: pride and courage

grapes 20
Interpretation: achieving a prominent position

sweet grapes 10
Sense of the dream: unexpected meeting

white grapes 32
What does it mean: ambitious projects

black grapes 33
Meaning of the dream: momentary discouragement

red grapes 45
Description: remarkable self-control

sour grapes 2
Interpretation of the dream: tendency to depression

ripe grapes 6
Translation: realizable dreams

grapes out of season 23
Dream description: novelties in the professional field

table grapes 86
Meaning: great deal at home

wine grapes 11
Translation of the dream: practical achievements

grapes on the vine 64
Interpretation: physically fit

grapes in baskets 19
Sense of the dream: temperament sentimental

grapes in bags 24
What does it mean: revenge on an enemy

pick grapes 18
Meaning of the dream: vivacity of spirit

eating grapes 39
Description: joy and serenity

buy grapes 8
Interpretation of the dream: disconcerting discovery

stealing grapes 55
Translation: mood swings

offer grapes 40
Dream description: deep sense of justice

send grapes 60
Meaning: unwillingness

throw grapes 12
Translation of the dream: restlessness

harvest of black grapes 56
Interpretation: satisfactions from work