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Kicked in the ankles. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream kicked in the ankles. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

see beautiful ankles 77
Meaning of the dream: useful meetings

see ugly and deformed ankles 22
Description: futile trip

kicking 2
Interpretation of the dream: dynamism unchecked

donkey kicks 88
Translation: unexpected twist

mule kicks 56
Dream description: luck in business

kick in the head 83
Meaning: evil intentions of neighbors

To kick 85
Translation of the dream: nastiness from relatives

wheat grow in the ears 3
Interpretation: good omen

give a kick to others 11
Sense of the dream: I do not venture out in a matter that does not concern you

heel hurt 88
What does it mean: ready for the unexpected event that promise benefits

blow in the hands 88
Meaning of the dream: You receive gifts

starting to drink 13
Description: thoughts of revenge

grope in the darkness 1
Interpretation of the dream: you will be well judged

walk in ash 10
Translation: selfishness and greed

damned in flames 18
Dream description: jealousies and turmoil

Devil in flames 6
Meaning: serious misfortune

walk in the clouds 81
Translation of the dream: fantasy

heel 77
Interpretation: you still have to work hard to get what you want for a long time

enter the catacombs 78
Sense of the dream: spirit of sacrifice

indulging in illusions 34
What does it mean: misunderstanding in the family

care in hospitals 60
Meaning of the dream: unfair competition

meddle in affairs 11
Description: prudence and confidentiality

sinking in quicksand 24
Interpretation of the dream: successful combination

burning at the feet 37
Translation: new openings in business

punches in the back 21
Dream description: difficult relations

aggressive in their opinions 72
Meaning: healing

disruption in business 76
Translation of the dream: lack of aid

dust in the eyes 19
Interpretation: tightening of relations

get lost in the catacombs 9
Sense of the dream: important meetings

be in the meadows 64
What does it mean: happy portent for people who have land

plummet in the tubes 52
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

beat your feet 11
Description: indomitable character

immerse yourself in the pleasures 29
Interpretation of the dream: sincerity counterproductive

stomp your feet 74
Translation: risk of theft

walking in the countryside 70
Dream description: evidence of genuine affection

cramp in his foot 87
Meaning: presence of mind

shit in the foot 21
Translation of the dream: windfall

crush with the feet 8
Interpretation: reasons of dissent

wen in the foot 3
Sense of the dream: enforcer

feel pain in the arms 23
What does it mean: business will be interrupted

spraining an ankle 13
Meaning of the dream: successfully thwarted

ladies into flames cruelly tortured 6
Description: sadness and regret boredom melancholy and illness

wandering in the valleys and forests 20
Interpretation of the dream: bad

see damned tormented in the flames 39
Translation: disease and affliction

heel of the shoe 3
Dream description: quarrel

horse pawing 71
Meaning: danger of hostilities

fling the window 11
Translation of the dream: projects of short duration

knots 83
Interpretation: embarrassment in your shops

pistol kick 17
Sense of the dream: obstinacy in resolutions

ulcers in the arms or elbows 5
What does it mean: boredom, sadness, loss of time and goods

Colt pawing 22
Meaning of the dream: sudden sympathy