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Judo defense. Meaning of dream and numbers

The meaning of the dream judo defense. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

judo 66
Meaning of the dream: luck in the game

fortress defense 54
Description: Love unstable

kill for defense 79
Interpretation of the dream: thwarted love

strangle for defense 29
Translation: Reports should not be overlooked

dyke defense 8
Dream description: concerns

lawyer defending 20
Meaning: lost confidence

fender 70
Translation of the dream: hard work

defend the barricade 3
Interpretation: too many internal conflicts

boar's tusk 8
Sense of the dream: you have a few trusted friends

defend against aggressors 21
What does it mean: dissatisfaction sentimental

defend animals 41
Meaning of the dream: even temperament

defend mother 5
Description: ability to concentrate

defend brothers 9
Interpretation of the dream: initiative

defend people 11
Translation: activities discontinuous

defend the honor 34
Dream description: violent emotions

defend a friend 4
Meaning: professional achievement

defend a person 17
Translation of the dream: emotional states to control

self defence 35
Interpretation: people who would not want to see more

legal defender 35
Sense of the dream: joy home

declare defender 25
What does it mean: insult received

to protect 77
Meaning of the dream: dispute resolved

defend spouse 1
Description: work safety

defend a woman 82
Interpretation of the dream: misadventure travel

defend the father 90
Translation: ties happy

protect children 88
Dream description: dispute resolved

protect women 61
Meaning: benefits from relatives

protect widow 24
Translation of the dream: need affection

defend himself in court 24
Interpretation: brilliant social success

defend its reasons 38
Sense of the dream: You can dispute

protecting unhappy 14
What does it mean: knowledge important

protect elderly 90
Meaning of the dream: sudden loss

preserve the relic 36
Description: delight

protect patients 66
Interpretation of the dream: physical force

protect a known person 35
Translation: momentary discomfort

protect a person unknown 16
Dream description: eventful life

defend themselves from the claws of cats 20
Meaning: attacks by thieves

martial arts karate kungfu 5
Translation of the dream: little trust and confidence in ourselves

accused who defends himself 26
Interpretation: superficiality of feelings

criminal attorney 16
Sense of the dream: union mismatched

guard's bersagliere 2
What does it mean: requited love

Brigadier public security 55
Meaning of the dream: unscrupulous attitudes

security room 6
Description: fears to be overcome

bleached hair 24
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts between spouses

Commissioner of Public Safety 80
Translation: bond of friendship alive and new

security deposit 40
Dream description: held favorable

stick up for 64
Meaning: superficiality of feelings

fend 65
Translation of the dream: thoughts of revenge

fending off thieves 36
Interpretation: sudden indisposition

fending off creditors 14
Sense of the dream: amorous battles

fending off dogs 13
What does it mean: seriousness of purpose

fending off beasts 29
Meaning of the dream: inconstancy in friendship

fending off a madman 26
Description: mood swings

embalm 64
Interpretation of the dream: rumors female

embalm corpses 50
Translation: Courage in adversity