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Joke with the mayor. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream joke with the mayor. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

joke 58
Meaning of the dream: cheerfulness

mayor 28
Description: many business

be mayor 80
Interpretation of the dream: advice to give

little joke 19
Translation: great improvements

joke of dogs 88
Dream description: War near and enlistments

ferocious joke 58
Meaning: Adventure Travel

mat joke 38
Translation of the dream: desire to emerge

re-elect a mayor 71
Interpretation: broken promise

joke with children 56
Sense of the dream: tense affair

joke with women 61
What does it mean: melancholia

joke with the beasts 19
Meaning of the dream: great happiness

make a joke 30
Description: important trip

undergo a joke 25
Interpretation of the dream: moral satisfaction

cruel joke 8
Translation: nervous tension

rude joke 44
Dream description: new social relations

joke dangerous 37
Meaning: joy in family

elect mayor 45
Translation of the dream: new commitments to be

Mayor inaugurating 17
Interpretation: poor work ethic

Mayor speaking 75
Sense of the dream: temporary irritation

mayor on stage 70
What does it mean: new ideals

Mayor with the band 46
Meaning of the dream: economic solidity

mayor by councilors 6
Description: gossip and slander

Mayor honest 19
Interpretation of the dream: economic concerns

Mayor dishonest 33
Translation: intentions misunderstood

petition to the mayor 32
Dream description: good opportunity

dirty joke 56
Meaning: unwelcome discovery

Foot joke 3
Translation of the dream: humanitarianism

died mayor 67
Interpretation: wish come true

deputy mayor 17
Sense of the dream: small solvable problems

Mayor celebrating a wedding 8
What does it mean: sentimental serenity

contour of mayonnaise 14
Meaning of the dream: intense activity

to say jokes 10
Description: ambition and selfishness

tell jokes 47
Interpretation of the dream: waste of energy

mayonnaise sauce 3
Translation: some mishap

dead joker 30
Dream description: want to get rid of an obstacle