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Jam tart plums. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream jam tart plums. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

jam tart 76

tart with anchovies 21
Description: resourcefulness and optimism

fig tart 76

fruit tart 54

plums 16
Dream description: try your luck in a place undue

red plums 78
Meaning: exchange of gifts

yellow plums 13
Translation of the dream: exaggerated claims

unripe plums 9
Interpretation: projects of union

ripe plums 11
Sense of the dream: happy successful business

fresh plums 36
What does it mean: solid friendships

candied plums 9
Meaning of the dream: thwarted love

pick plums 17
Description: great event

eating plums 46
Interpretation of the dream: Suffering for jealousy

buy plums 18
Translation: curiosity satisfied

give plums 54
Dream description: peace in the family

Spread the jam 41
Meaning: romantic adventure

basket with plums 76

Apricot jam 64

cherries' jam 78

peach jam 47

fond of jam 39

Strawberry jam 54

jam brown 53

blueberry jam 79

pears jam 80

Plum jam 46

black cherry jam 27
Translation of the dream: take better care of yourself

plum tree 8
Interpretation: visits like

kite plummets 80
Sense of the dream: talk of slanderers

starter 45
What does it mean: welfare

start an engine or a machine 53
Meaning of the dream: Useful Buying

pajama trousers 35
Description: conflicting ideas

deciding a start 11
Interpretation of the dream: lack of sincerity

conceal a start 38
Translation: unwelcome surprises

make jams 3
Dream description: joy and profit

eat jams 40
Meaning: profit

plumb line 6
Translation of the dream: financial constraints

starting whistle 21
Interpretation: right choice and prudent

start down the right path 48
Sense of the dream: doubts tormenting

start down the wrong path 60
What does it mean: good success

jamboree 1
Meaning of the dream: next misery

start a heavy work 88
Description: gains difficult to secure

start driving in a car or plane 73
Interpretation of the dream: You miss an important appointment

starting line 26
Translation: awaits a difficult test

Starting on time 49
Dream description: indecision harmful

Starting Friends 17
Meaning: probable visits

starting married 83
Translation of the dream: affirmation slow but sure

Starting by train 78
Interpretation: serene outlook

Starting plane 16
Sense of the dream: legitimate aspirations

Starting by car 49
What does it mean: New appointments

Starting with a ship 14
Meaning of the dream: decisions to return

Starting in the company 66
Description: problems to be solved

plume 10
Interpretation of the dream: large vanity

bring the plume 30
Translation: large vanity