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Jackets and sweaters piled. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream jackets and sweaters piled. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

baste jackets 75
Meaning of the dream: need for caution

wear jackets 76
Description: Danger averted

sweaters 17
Interpretation of the dream: evils speeches

garbage piled 9
Translation: poor organization

cardigan 10
Dream description: would you have more confidence at work

Snow piled 88
Meaning: satisfactions and gains

silk sweater 70
Translation of the dream: danger of deception

jacket 73
Interpretation: illusions of love

new jacket 16
Sense of the dream: economic difficulties

jacket old 50
What does it mean: seriousness of purpose

doublebreasted jacket 40
Meaning of the dream: you feel loved

jacket patched 61
Description: relatives malicious

jacket button 67
Interpretation of the dream: incomes

cotton jacket 11
Translation: you are independent

sleeve jacket 61
Dream description: exaggerated claims

suede jacket 80
Meaning: satisfactory results

wool jacket 32
Translation of the dream: It serves a small support

unbutton his jacket 21
Interpretation: inner restlessness

rough pullover 18
Sense of the dream: compromising entanglements

wear wool jacket 53
What does it mean: security

touch wool jacket 81
Meaning of the dream: your luck at most

pick up a wool jacket 51
Description: you have a true friend

have the wool jacket stained 12
Interpretation of the dream: them feel guilty

wool sweater 9
Translation: actions hampered

keep the wool jacket in hand 40
Dream description: Whether people with detachment

have the wool jacket out of fashion 27
Meaning: suffer from inferiority complex

padded jacket 36
Translation of the dream: it takes more courage in life

jacket Men 11
Interpretation: everything will be for the better

sleeveless jacket 51
Sense of the dream: You would have more freedom

jacket unstitched 41
What does it mean: disappointments in love

straitjacket 25
Meaning of the dream: fickle love

jacket by military 66
Description: clashes of views with your loved one

lapel of the jacket 21
Interpretation of the dream: illusions of love

brush 6
Translation: desire to drive out the problems

cotton jacket for women 49
Dream description: difficult journey without earnings

life jacket with a castaway 62
Meaning: deceptions foiled

coming and going 86
Translation of the dream: intentions ambiguous

and it is not 8
Interpretation: Luckily the game

comb and trim 20
Sense of the dream: excessive confidentiality

go and steal 59
What does it mean: loss process

thunder and lightning 54
Meaning of the dream: unforeseen procure bitter disappointments

ropes and cords 20
Description: embarrassments and effort

smoke and mirrors 47
Interpretation of the dream: defeats and disappointments

work and earn 26
Translation: happy future, profit

stop and look 32
Dream description: distrust of others

wasting and dissipating 5
Meaning: you will fall into poverty

hydrophobic and screaming 3
Translation of the dream: broken promises

fruit and vegetables 39
Interpretation: Fortunately coming

measures and weights 33
Sense of the dream: You are a slave of prejudices

macaroni and tomato 37
What does it mean: no satisfaction and no worries