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Ivy and water. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream ivy and water. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ivy 79
Meaning of the dream: suffering paid with sincerity

climbing ivy 48
Description: faithful friends

weave ivy single row 27
Interpretation of the dream: you have a very loyal friend, fortune in friendships and in love

water 1
Translation: desire to escape to discontent

lack of water 64
Dream description: position compromised

mouth water 60
Meaning: lack of sense of proportion

fountain without water 32
Translation of the dream: new energy

overthrow cold water 75
Interpretation: lightheartedness

overflow water 38
Sense of the dream: lose good opportunities

still above water 22
What does it mean: certainty in action

cloudy water 44
Meaning of the dream: Good news

draw water 6
Description: a nice novelty

dripping water 28
Interpretation of the dream: bright ideas

willow near water 19
Translation: difficult days

plenty of water 49
Dream description: good luck

bitter water 81
Meaning: disturbing thoughts

pullulation water 68
Translation of the dream: slander

source of clear water 52
Interpretation: hopes dashed

carboy water 1
Sense of the dream: New Adventures

rumble water 2
What does it mean: unhappiness traveling

water jet 86
Meaning of the dream: unfounded fears

mouthful of water 42
Description: fickleness of character

puddle of water 31
Interpretation of the dream: reactions unnecessary

transfer water 7
Translation: happy successful business

fresh water 22
Dream description: discomfort in intimate life

scion of water 71
Meaning: fruitful work life

fear of water 33
Translation of the dream: initiatives to return

drop of water 19
Interpretation: position to be clarified

bottle with water 21
Sense of the dream: inner satisfaction

pot with water 74
What does it mean: restlessness passing

jar with water 39
Meaning of the dream: disloyalty of friends

ewer with water 42
Description: match emotional

bowl with water 66
Interpretation of the dream: unforeseen expenses

moat with water 84
Translation: You meet an obstacle

well with water 35
Dream description: disappointments and reversals of situation

soften with water 54
Meaning: inner torment

tub with water 82
Translation of the dream: pride and ambition

burning with water 41
Interpretation: nervous breakdown

stream with clear water 2
Sense of the dream: good health

water in wine 44
What does it mean: economies needed

bucket with water 1
Meaning of the dream: winning the game

foam water 20
Description: bold action

cool off with water 82
Interpretation of the dream: energies to good use

pour hot water 10
Translation: health hazard

provide drinking water 32
Dream description: serenity

throwing boiled water 7
Meaning: imminent harm

fountain full of water 73
Translation of the dream: concerns for the future

container with water 36
Interpretation: clash with your loved one

jug with water 31
Sense of the dream: convincing words

pour cold water 74
What does it mean: joyfulness family

barrel with water 39
Meaning of the dream: disloyalty of friends

basin with water 41
Description: happiness conquered

ampoule with water 70
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous antics

carafe with water 39
Translation: quick fixes

roar of the water 66
Dream description: to overcome prejudices

water spirits 80
Meaning: doubts and uncertainties