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Iron attached to the tongue. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream iron attached to the tongue. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

have a weight attached to the ears 47
Meaning of the dream: frantic life

leech attached to the body 78
Description: Reports insincere

iron gate or iron door 11
Interpretation of the dream: brilliant social life

tongue 27
Translation: you are not sincere

little tongue 8
Dream description: new charge of vitality

burn your tongue 11
Meaning: moral resistance

burning to the tongue 20
Translation of the dream: protection from family

smoked tongue 56
Interpretation: hard battles to sustain

cut off the tongue 42
Sense of the dream: you want to stop someone from talking

have his tongue cut off 16
What does it mean: you can not express yourself

popping of the tongue 27
Meaning of the dream: break with a friend

ox tongue 84
Description: bad Company

pork tongue 26
Interpretation of the dream: challenges to overcome

snake tongue 88
Translation: balance

big tongue 45
Dream description: dangers that come from people friends or family

red tongue 66
Meaning: your way to protect themselves from the harsh reality of life

bite his tongue 21
Translation of the dream: understanding for others

iron 42
Interpretation: agitation of the spirit

iron andirons 11
Sense of the dream: prudence with relatives

iron ring 81
What does it mean: inner tranquility

iron armor 83
Meaning of the dream: marital fidelity

iron balustrade 46
Description: broken promises

strike while the iron 63
Interpretation of the dream: willingness fragile

iron brazier 34
Translation: harmonious friendships

iron rod 87
Dream description: disputes

iron the shirt 77
Meaning: pride punished

iron bell 19
Translation of the dream: thorny issues

canape iron 39
Interpretation: listen to opinions

iron cannon 61
Sense of the dream: discovery of intrigue

iron chest 69
What does it mean: circumstances of fortune

iron box 12
Meaning of the dream: daring proposals

basin of iron 56
Description: spirit of sacrifice

hollow iron 2
Interpretation of the dream: misgivings

iron circle 48
Translation: rivalry in love

iron key 19
Dream description: faithfulness in love

iron nail 53
Meaning: easy solution to a problem

iron belt 43
Translation of the dream: satisfactions from work

casting iron 48
Interpretation: new activities

iron the collar 75
Sense of the dream: coherence in

duct iron 1
What does it mean: intransigence exaggerated

iron breastplate 28
Meaning of the dream: passion paid

cordless iron 76
Description: comfort from friends

Iron Crown 64
Interpretation of the dream: happy anniversaries

iron construction 11
Translation: love of money

iron cradle 70
Dream description: insoluble problems

trade in iron 18
Meaning: loss and misfortune

see iron chains 11
Translation of the dream: imprisonment

rusty iron 14
Interpretation: energy physics