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Insult snakes. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream insult snakes. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

snakes 79
Meaning of the dream: People unfavorable

insult children 2
Description: ephemeral relationships

insult 1
Interpretation of the dream: a person is away from you because of you

insult parents 58
Translation: senseless actions

insult sister 78
Dream description: desire to escape

insult to revenge 61
Meaning: you are a curious person

insult habit 34
Translation of the dream: fear and disillusionment

insult sedan 64
Interpretation: good intentions

insult lover 43
Sense of the dream: brief report

fighting with snakes 55
What does it mean: punishing enemies

insult in private 15
Meaning of the dream: need to surrender

insult employees 25
Description: postponement of projects

insult relatives 41
Interpretation of the dream: false hopes

insult women 71
Translation: speeches malignant

insult in public 18
Dream description: loss of money

It is harassed by snakes 47
Meaning: charges of enemies

receive an insult 30
Translation of the dream: It has been deeply offended by something

den of snakes 88
Interpretation: intrigues of enemies

insult friend 30
Sense of the dream: lively insight

make an affront with insults 13
What does it mean: bad luck

insult the spouse 43
Meaning of the dream: difficult character

denounce an affront 66
Description: unjust attitude

to suffer an affront 81
Interpretation of the dream: excessive sensitivity

lawsuit for insults 89
Translation: non-resistance

make an affront 53
Dream description: success

affront to words 37
Meaning: bad news

trample snake 17
Translation of the dream: friendships insecure

insulted monk 19
Interpretation: changes conducive

deformed insulted 31
Sense of the dream: living a moment of great emotional sensitivity

receive an affront 88
What does it mean: dispute at home

being bitten by snake 80
Meaning of the dream: gossip and slander

snake 84
Description: enemies and ingratitude

snakebite 57
Interpretation of the dream: you need to let off steam with a person

snake bites 76
Translation: willingness stubborn

big snake 44
Dream description: deceptions hidden

coiled snake 42
Meaning: ingratitude of a trusted person

snake Room 59
Translation of the dream: great nervous tension

hurl insults 17
Interpretation: new love interests

endure insults 34
Sense of the dream: to strengthen relations

rubber snake 10
What does it mean: fake friends

snake small 86
Meaning of the dream: restlessness

a poisonous snake 80
Description: numerous obstacles

whistle snake 54
Interpretation of the dream: important decision

trample viper 42
Translation: You have caused a bad person

snake tongue 88
Dream description: balance

snake that attacks 10
Meaning: need for reflection

dishonoring the family 80
Translation of the dream: solitude and meditation

snake tail 3
Interpretation: waste of money

snake whistling 40
Sense of the dream: pride and ambition

exchange insults 36
What does it mean: fear of infidelity

spew insults 71
Meaning of the dream: physical fatigue and nervousness

seeing him snake 24
Description: contrasts in love

download insults 10
Interpretation of the dream: futile rebellion

snake boa 15
Translation: recognized expertise

snake more heads 15
Dream description: danger of seduction