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Injured side. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream injured side. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

side swollen 77
Meaning of the dream: wealth for the wife or the husband

human side 28
Description: new possibilities in work

injured elbow 61
Interpretation of the dream: false security

injured dolphin 52
Translation: welcome meeting

injured dog 51
Dream description: need for diplomacy

side of the carriage 82
Meaning: pleasant events

bald on the right side 77
Translation of the dream: removal of a friend

worker injured 58
Interpretation: intentions tenacious

stretcher with an injured 3
Sense of the dream: malignant insinuations

injured feline 46
What does it mean: repressed feelings

injured athlete 44
Meaning of the dream: time of distress

take the side of someone 11
Description: fear and distrust

injured wrist 39
Interpretation of the dream: you will have to fight hard to win

rainbow on the side of the sunset 5
Translation: happy omen only for the rich

man wounded 63
Dream description: risky business

injured by car 89
Meaning: bad physical shape

flip side of the coin 39
Translation of the dream: strange friendships

wounded horse 74
Interpretation: embarrassments and opposition

have an injured calf 56
Sense of the dream: your programs will be thwarted

boss wounded 50
What does it mean: affections safe

miner injured 66
Meaning of the dream: new offspring will increase the family

father injured 41
Description: missteps

mountaineer injured 32
Interpretation of the dream: moral suffering

hunter injured 55
Translation: remember you are pregnant or next pregnancy

cyclist injured 58
Dream description: overcome by grief

side drive 82
Meaning: career advancement

injured neck 49
Translation of the dream: new hope

wounded in the arm 26
Interpretation: soon you lose powerful friends, that so far you have been faithful

cop injured 12
Sense of the dream: aggressive nature

hydrophobic wounded 65
What does it mean: desire to change

wounded knee 32
Meaning of the dream: optimism

rider injured 56
Description: displeasures with relatives

driver injured 46
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected separation

mason injured 6
Translation: supports trust

assist a wounded 69
Dream description: precautions exaggerated

robber wounded 43
Meaning: curiosity satisfied

rescue a wounded man 71
Translation of the dream: next advantages

wounded in the forehead 38
Interpretation: great danger when you know you lose your wealth

wounded prisoner 48
Sense of the dream: restrictions necessary

wounded assailant 31
What does it mean: decrease of energy

wounded treacherously 85
Meaning of the dream: you are looking for a more carefree life

wounded warrior 26
Description: loss of money

wounded murderess 58
Interpretation of the dream: Good news coming

wounded hawk 90
Translation: infidelity by a woman

wounded friend 7
Dream description: boredom and loneliness

wounded soldier 75
Meaning: small regret

skier injured 13
Translation of the dream: interesting events

motorcyclist injured 18
Interpretation: generosity is not appreciated

wounded bull 65
Sense of the dream: reconciliation with an enemy

wounded deer 20
What does it mean: hostility in family

wounded vector 46
Meaning of the dream: momentary separation