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Inhabitant of north. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream inhabitant of north. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

look north 22
Meaning of the dream: aid

inhabitant of the plains 27
Description: dangerous temptations

Village inhabitant 33
Interpretation of the dream: would you go back in time

inhabitant 90
Translation: tranquility of mind

North Pole 54
Dream description: good address, success in love or in a deal any

inhabitant of an island 49
Meaning: indissoluble union

inhabitant of mountain 89
Translation of the dream: conduct deserving

inhabitant of Africa 36
Interpretation: indecision and doubts

inhabitant of asia 21
Sense of the dream: fruitful work

inhabitant of town 84
What does it mean: tranquility of mind

inhabitant of the fortress 67
Meaning of the dream: concentration and profits

inhabitant in the house 27
Description: proof of love

Russian inhabitant 30
Interpretation of the dream: forebodings

American inhabitant 75
Translation: important commitments

Convent of inhabitant 34
Dream description: support to be given to a child

North Star 83
Meaning: hopes for new revenue

resident country 55
Translation of the dream: hopes fulfilled

Italian resident 7
Interpretation: successful outcome of negotiations

waiting for an answer 58
Sense of the dream: next hassles

responds 46
What does it mean: presumption

villager 73
Meaning of the dream: pulses to curb

islander 4
Description: contrasts with women

fail to respond 90
Interpretation of the dream: deception

receive the answer 11
Translation: unnecessary waiting

muscovite 88
Dream description: sympathy unrequited

rise of sun 50
Meaning: excellent prospects

edge of the well 67
Translation of the dream: trip to return

election of the king 61
Interpretation: propitious days

roommate 83
Sense of the dream: News coming soon

letter of son 3
What does it mean: need for caution

memorial of the king 1
Meaning of the dream: enthusiasm for good news

organs of the body 21
Description: birth of a child

letter of boyfriend 60
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties should not be underestimated

singer of the past 88
Translation: momentary separation

Martian 64
Dream description: useful clarifications

product of the subsoil 40
Meaning: meetings irritants

Office of the Consulate 72
Translation of the dream: slight indisposition

arrival of the father 46
Interpretation: that problem is solved

passage of the Gospel 12
Sense of the dream: to strengthen ties

mouth of the oven 90
What does it mean: lightness actions

wind noise 64
Meaning of the dream: commitments and travel

Secretary of the Treasury 20
Description: keep more order in your home

appropriator discovered 3
Interpretation of the dream: deception by women

lakeshore 20
Translation: sudden anger

aware of evil 59
Dream description: swings of fortune

bottom of the sea 90
Meaning: from health check

place of combat 47
Translation of the dream: I will support happily proof

Eruption of Vesuvius 84
Interpretation: discomforts passengers

election of the pope 30
Sense of the dream: happy new possibilities

constellation of the wagon 90
What does it mean: nostalgia for things past

end of day 38
Meaning of the dream: professional prestige

hour of the day 24
Description: postponement of a trip

portrait of father 9
Interpretation of the dream: physical activity

lover of the theater 47
Translation: concentration and profits

cooked swede 12
Dream description: joyfulness

absolution of the pope 43
Meaning: penis secret

ash of Vesuvius 8
Translation of the dream: help to be given to a relative

archives of the Vatican 20
Interpretation: invitations pleasant

lover of singing 83
Sense of the dream: success in work