Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

Indulge in regret. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: indulge in regret

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indulge in regret 29
Meaning of the dream: unfounded fears

indulge in the pain 73
Dream Interpretation: good wishes

regret 60
Meanings of dreams: joy

regret a purchase 21
Dream Interpretations: commercial prosperity

feel regret 72
What does this mean: appointment to return

regret of his father 43
What does it mean: good understanding

regret of mother 80
Meaning of the dream: meeting of interest

regret for a loss 16
Dream Interpretation: excellent results

regret for a speech 35
Meanings of dreams: interesting offer

regret for a defeat 38
Dream Interpretations: depressions

regret for a break 24
What does this mean: excitable temperament

regret for a woman 27
What does it mean: generous spirit

regret for a man 61
Meaning of the dream: will and firmness

regret for a child 53
Dream Interpretation: capacity for initiative

indulging in illusions 34
Meanings of dreams: misunderstanding in the family

indulging in idleness 75
Dream Interpretations: confusion of ideas

use indulgence 15
What does this mean: long-term projects

indulgence to emigrate 52

Indulgence to play 60

indulgence starting 26

indulgence to steal 15

indulgence to kill 14

indulgence to flee 59