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In-law smiling. Meaning of dream and numbers

The meaning of the dream in-law smiling. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ancestor smiling 15
Meaning of the dream: requited love

grandparents smiling 15
Description: requited love

father-in-law 82
Interpretation of the dream: help in need

smile sadly 59
Translation: compromises dangerous

live with the mother-in-law 78
Dream description: excessive impressionability

grinned 16
Meaning: get tough leave, dismissal

smile 5
Translation of the dream: precautions to be taken against backbiting, hocus-pocus of a bad woman

law 16
Interpretation: obstacles to overcome

mocking smile 66
Sense of the dream: useless discussions

draw a smile 66
What does it mean: appointment pleasant

smile of complacency 42
Meaning of the dream: meeting unwelcome

smile for strength 47
Description: substantial gains

daughter in law 38
Interpretation of the dream: arrival of relatives

cithara 50
Translation: novelty

Republican law 68
Dream description: artificial attitudes

a law repeal 90
Meaning: you are worried over nothing

law enforcement 10
Translation of the dream: sorrow, pain

contesting a law 2
Interpretation: pugnacity

unjust law 73
Sense of the dream: provocation not collect

law occult 57
What does it mean: concerns passing

applicable law 29
Meaning of the dream: bad action from relatives

transgress the law 52
Description: deal that goes up in smoke

civil law 62
Interpretation of the dream: inner resources

bill extended 75
Translation: lucky chance

mother-in-law good 8
Dream description: talk and contrasts

sign the bill 89
Meaning: waste of money

doctorate in law 28
Translation of the dream: serious difficulties

branch of law 85
Interpretation: acuity of judgment

graduate in law 9
Sense of the dream: powers of observation

arguing with the mother-in-law 13
What does it mean: new knowledge

agree with the mother-in-law 42
Meaning of the dream: novelty in the family

law professor 56
Description: do you want to prove your worth

break down the motherinlaw 18
Interpretation of the dream: dispersion of forces

bill that expires 31
Translation: excessive worry

alter with the brothers-in-law 36
Dream description: lack of enthusiasm

State Police Law 33
Meaning: good address, success in love or in a deal any

military code 66
Translation of the dream: risky projects

Civil Code 29
Interpretation: new horizons

Take the bait with the lawyer 48
Sense of the dream: harassment

catch a mouse 70
What does it mean: skills in business

tame mice 13
Meaning of the dream: misery

legal Affairs 27
Description: quarrels inevitable

wrangle with in-laws 62
Interpretation of the dream: good omens

lovers surprised 81
Translation: coherence in

teach mice 13
Dream description: misery

kill mice 31
Meaning: unjustified jealousy

claw 55
Translation of the dream: Love at Large

eagle claw 32
Interpretation: blunders to avoid

lion claw 4
Sense of the dream: anguish of love

Tiger Claw 89
What does it mean: trouble at home

claw falcon 54
Meaning of the dream: cheating dangerous

Cat's Claw 26
Description: to cultivate new interests

warning bill 13
Interpretation of the dream: deception foiled

lawyer 48
Translation: danger of strife and enmity, with loss of property