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Impose secrecy. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream impose secrecy. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

professional secrecy 80
Meaning of the dream: return of money

impose 40
Description: insult received

impose control 74
Interpretation of the dream: wisdom

impose resignation 17
Translation: futile struggle

impose a sacrifice 11
Dream description: gradual decrease in revenue

impose penance 16
Meaning: Affairs of the heart uncertain

impose authority 70
Translation of the dream: constancy in work

impose the tax 75
Interpretation: aggression from curb

impose by violence 46
Sense of the dream: you ll ruin with your own hands

impose fines 51
What does it mean: inner conflict

impose by force 46
Meaning of the dream: challenging conversation

abstinence impose 60
Description: boring meetings

betray a secret 31
Interpretation of the dream: uncertainty and anxiety

recommending a secret 1
Translation: dangerous opponent

observe a secret 23
Dream description: interior renewal

violating a secret 17
Meaning: need for caution

secret pin 6
Translation of the dream: economic failings

secret 11
Interpretation: things full of mystery will attract

secret ballot 31
Sense of the dream: limited benefits

keep secret 69
What does it mean: new hope

secret Passage 67
Meaning of the dream: You would like to try something transgressive

steal a secret 40
Description: needs of families

confide a secret 76
Interpretation of the dream: tenacious fighting spirit

reveal a secret 61
Translation: hopes faded

will impose 54
Dream description: to overcome grievances

state secret 19
Meaning: freedom of action

discovery of a secret 84
Translation of the dream: ties unstable

talk in secret 76
Interpretation: concerns

family secret 37
Sense of the dream: serious responsibility

old secretive 37
What does it mean: tips to consider

revelation of a secret 7
Meaning of the dream: hazards to avoid

deliver a secret message 81
Description: disappointment in the professional field

deserter surprise a secret 50
Interpretation of the dream: news of an absent, sadness

levy a toll 68
Translation: lack of firmness

letter secret 15
Dream description: money refund

be released from secret 33
Meaning: profitable business

eating in secret 79
Translation of the dream: nostalgia for things past

secret news 89
Interpretation: issues to be forgotten

make enforce Lent 54
Sense of the dream: overcoming difficulties

secret prison 52
What does it mean: willingness weak

secret staircase 73
Meaning of the dream: evidence of affection

listen in secret 3
Description: realization of hopes of love

seclusion 25
Interpretation of the dream: good deal

masturbate 33
Translation: loneliness

masturbation 44
Dream description: you need a moment of rejuvenating solitude

go into seclusion 42
Meaning: you regret the past

desolation (desolate) 1
Translation of the dream: waiting

solitude remote place 42
Interpretation: thoughts and worries

accredit 72
Sense of the dream: Earnings neighbors

force a drawer 83
What does it mean: good organization

taxes imposed 24
Meaning of the dream: await heavy losses

force a balcony 8
Description: thoughts that disturb your inner peace

force an animal 37
Interpretation of the dream: secret reports

force a safe 63
Translation: attitudes too casual

secret conspiracy 12
Dream description: feeling of insecurity