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Impacts the gate. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream impacts the gate. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

faithless impacts 73

gate 77
Description: boredom, fatigue

bronze gate 24
Interpretation of the dream: beware of appearances

wooden gate 83
Translation: projects pleasant

gate of brass 28
Dream description: convincing ideas

open gate 16
Meaning: major changes

Gate closed 80
Translation of the dream: small obstacles

Golden Gate 34
Interpretation: trouble from work

gate altar 18
Sense of the dream: favorable circumstances

close the gate 67
What does it mean: competition and disloyalty

gate with padlock 50
Meaning of the dream: lack of courage

porter on the gate 75
Description: unwelcome discovery

climb a gate 32
Interpretation of the dream: ambition and resourcefulness

climb over a gate 11
Translation: emotional sensitivity

paint a gate 29
Dream description: human contact lackluster

aluminum gate 56

gate compass 29

open a door or gate 5
Interpretation: quarrels with neighbors

44 - Smorfia classic: gate 44

iron gate or iron door 11
What does it mean: brilliant social life

have ring with agate stone on the finger 11
Meaning of the dream: good omen for the family

seeing navigate brig 41
Description: major gains

castigate sons 37
Interpretation of the dream: danger of breakage

to delegate 12
Translation: emotional stability

delegate a parent 10
Dream description: emotional stability

delegate spouse 31
Meaning: knowledge harmful

delegate a son 80
Translation of the dream: rancor and discord

delegate a friend 78
Interpretation: substantial material benefits

delegate a relative 3
Sense of the dream: worrying physical fatigue

delegate a woman 18
What does it mean: sorrow and depression

propagate religion 62
Meaning of the dream: prosperity and well-being

corrugated cardboard 55
Description: deception

Tollgate 16
Interpretation of the dream: beginning of a journey

interrogate boys 2
Translation: instability of relationships

interrogate defendants 16
Dream description: surprises from a trip

interrogate spies 14
Meaning: crisis of discontent

irrigate 13
Translation of the dream: actions favorable to your goals

irrigate fields 90
Interpretation: good luck

irrigate gardens 37
Sense of the dream: unfounded fears

irrigate courtyards 9
What does it mean: improvement in sight

to investigate 76
Meaning of the dream: cunning enemies

engaged for conjugates 30
Description: possible death of spouse

corrugated 51
Interpretation of the dream: brilliant statement

porter in the gatehouse 24
Translation: difficult relationships with elderly

agate stone 12
Dream description: disease and death

segregate 12
Meaning: professional concerns

segregate men 7
Translation of the dream: professional concerns

segregate women 21
Interpretation: vanity and ostentation

segregate spies 72
Sense of the dream: secrets, to keep

segregate children 60
What does it mean: gossip and slander

segregate brothers 89
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

segregate friends 11
Description: momentary troubles

segregate crazy 81
Interpretation of the dream: Slow progress

segregate old 19
Translation: business to solve

segregate the spouse 6
Dream description: small loss

navigate with the sail 2
Meaning: They are abandoning your strength

navigate motor 4
Translation of the dream: you are very sure of yourself

navigate 54
Interpretation: for a trader, business trip very worthwhile. for others, leisure travel

conjugate 25

papal delegate 22

impacting the game 29

impact injuries 24

impact on gold 15

irrigate backyard 70

mitigate the fall 48

tollgate railway 78

propagate ideas 55