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Ice falling. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream ice falling. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

airship falling 24
Meaning of the dream: requirements of the heart

ice 11
Description: uncertain situation, poor security

liquefy ice 5
Interpretation of the dream: rebellions unnecessary

blind falling 16
Translation: danger of leakage

Ice in the garden 2
Dream description: heightened emotionality

ice in the river 31
Meaning: to clarify misunderstandings

ice or snow 4
Translation of the dream: prosperity in your business

go on the ice 11
Interpretation: honors and great sense of fulfillment both in family life and in work

Ice on the street 27
Sense of the dream: needs more oomph to improve

Old falling 74
What does it mean: business disastrous

Ice Fishing 87
Meaning of the dream: money

slipping on ice 63
Description: affirmation difficult

shelf falling 80
Interpretation of the dream: small obstacles

Persian falling 86
Translation: Fortunately uncertain

walking on ice 38
Dream description: wasted effort

falling money 12
Meaning: economic hardship

Penguin on the ice 34
Translation of the dream: fear of making fools of themselves

Bomber falling 65
Interpretation: dishonor

iceberg (Ice Mountain) 11
Sense of the dream: contrariness

break the ice 31
What does it mean: poor luck in love

slip on the ice with skates 37
Meaning of the dream: short pleasure and sadness

Penguin resting on ice 74
Description: Safety and strength

falling from a plane 63
Interpretation of the dream: opportunity to be seized immediately

ice boulders 75
Translation: important protection

falling from a branch 19
Dream description: loss of confidence

sheet of ice 13
Meaning: frivolity in your feelings

empty ice chest 68
Translation of the dream: good health

mass of ice 69
Interpretation: hopes impossible

crust of ice 58
Sense of the dream: dangerous business

Abbot falling 13
What does it mean: love of neighbor

jar with ice 75
Meaning of the dream: It prevents before it's too late

elevator falling 89
Description: joy and good humor

vases falling 62
Interpretation of the dream: sad moments that pass quickly

falling bodies 13
Translation: infirmity

cornice falling 53
Dream description: lack of diplomacy

driver falling with the horse 33
Meaning: the opposite

equilibrist falling 38
Translation of the dream: battles to support

dentures falling 46
Interpretation: deep crisis

carrier falling 86
Sense of the dream: bitter experiences

partition falling 59
What does it mean: hopes dashed

bomb falling 60
Meaning of the dream: sense of measure

ice hockey 44
Description: interesting journey

falling from a tower 36
Interpretation of the dream: fatal encounter

ice skating 40
Translation: thwarted love

falling from a peak 55
Dream description: request of trust

ice chest full 16
Meaning: will award

fourfalling 74
Translation of the dream: melancholy

falling from a bell tower 16
Interpretation: support received

ice skates 48
Sense of the dream: you wish to undertake new experiences

beast fall 14
What does it mean: creative spirit

ice wine 52
Meaning of the dream: secret meeting

hair falling 15
Description: waste of money

eyebrows falling 50
Interpretation of the dream: betrayal of a loved one

vulture falling 60
Translation: Councils concerned

coachman falling 86
Dream description: bitter experiences