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Hunt the owl. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream hunt the owl. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

see the owl 8
Meaning of the dream: new worrying events

owl 6
Description: very near death of a close relative

owl beak 44
Interpretation of the dream: bitterness from sons

owl singing 40
Translation: probable disease

owl on the roof 13
Dream description: bad news

owl tree 21
Meaning: difficult relationships

owl dead 57
Translation of the dream: victory over a rival


killed the owl 12
Interpretation: false accusations

owl (bird) 31
Sense of the dream: next aid

barn owl 88

owl flying 43

owl wounded 5

woman owl 7

owl in the countryside 8

tawny owl 1
Dream description: caution and watch out for enemies

beak barn owl 84
Meaning: Useful research

hunt 89
Translation of the dream: aid

boar hunt 74
Interpretation: malice in love

pheasant hunt 36
Sense of the dream: arrogance in love

hunt the deer 60
What does it mean: shame

see the deer hunt 13
Meaning of the dream: despair

butterflies hunt them 4
Description: boyishness

the bear hunt 43
Interpretation of the dream: call for help

hunt in a swamp 50
Translation: indecision

hunt partridge 55
Dream description: discovery of a plot

hunt quail 11
Meaning: threats vain


hunt a rhino 45
Translation of the dream: flair and eccentricity

hunt animals 33
Interpretation: actionable ideas

hunt game 50
Sense of the dream: critically

hunt thrush 42
What does it mean: great news

hunt a mink 22
Meaning of the dream: unusual actions

hunt thief 78

bull hunt 34

hunt volatile 59

hunt butterflies 61

hunt servants 69

hunt flies 26

hunt big game 1
Interpretation: the good performance of its business

hunt with the little boat in the swamp 36
Sense of the dream: dream come true

dress hunter 1
What does it mean: New appointments

acknowledge receipt 28
Meaning of the dream: friction in the family

attract knowledge 4
Description: secret betrayed

fond of hunting 26
Interpretation of the dream: attitudes vivid

go hunting 36
Translation: next fortune

bowl with fruit 89
Dream description: lack of loyalty

hound hunting 32
Meaning: clearing goddesses

learn school knowledge 9
Translation of the dream: anxiety

have an empty bowl 45
Interpretation: letter from afar

owls see this bird 61
Sense of the dream: concerns

hunting trip 17
What does it mean: many enemies

bowls game 32
Meaning of the dream: you ll help

hunting 7
Description: the challenge you threw be very dangerous

hare hunting 22
Interpretation of the dream: envy discovery

hunting of wild animals 42
Translation: intrigue avoided

hunting insects 81
Dream description: fake friends

night hunting 90
Meaning: or poor health

hunting day 37
Translation of the dream: absolutism in love

hunting permit 41
Interpretation: unnecessary controversy

hunter 88
Sense of the dream: contentment

armed hunter 61
What does it mean: excitement exaggerated

Hunter disarmed 40
Meaning of the dream: introspection

hunter shooting 30
Description: Excessive pedantry

Hunter with dogs 60
Interpretation of the dream: jealousy justified

hunter with prey 74
Translation: trust in love

walk slowly 3
Dream description: indecision harmful

hunting dog 6
Meaning: ideas to be clarified

hunting cap 59
Translation of the dream: resourcefulness brave

hunting cartridge 87
Interpretation: pulses to curb

bowl with water 66
Sense of the dream: unforeseen expenses

copper bowl 15
What does it mean: hard work

bowl 71
Meaning of the dream: missed opportunity

porcelain bowl 35
Description: missed opportunity

glass bowl 51
Interpretation of the dream: passing pleasures

enameled bowl 15
Translation: unfounded fears

silver bowl 77
Dream description: unusual happenings

golden bowl 84
Meaning: new love

empty bowl 42
Translation of the dream: long and futile negotiations

bowl full 24
Interpretation: intense movement

broken bowl 36
Sense of the dream: collapse of a friendship

drink in a bowl 77
What does it mean: travel lucky