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Hunchback luck. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream hunchback luck. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

luck on his wheel 1
Meaning of the dream: proximate danger

planet of luck 31
Description: Lost Illusions

wish good luck 64

Lady Luck 75
Translation: successes in work

luck at lotto 69

luck in love 3

mascot (good luck) 77
Translation of the dream: joy

bad luck to the game 14
Interpretation: gain, win

eunuch omen of bad luck 89
Sense of the dream: danger

be hunchback 51
What does it mean: declining health

old hunchback 10
Meaning of the dream: fortune

hunchback woman 89
Description: unlucky business

touch the hunchback 48
Interpretation of the dream: security

meet a hunchback 49
Translation: good luck

hunchback man 34
Dream description: Luckily the game

mocked a hunchback 17

hunchback ill 28

hunchback sleeping 78

hunchback playing 52

hunchback who laughs 50

hunchback with women 21

hunchback hurt 55

hunchback gallantly 17

hunchback love 73

hunchback dead 67

drunken hunchback 61

sassy hunchback 82

fall in love with hunchback 54

joy for lucky escape 36
Sense of the dream: ingratitude of children

plucking the woodcock 60
What does it mean: lack of reflection

lamb pluck 76
Meaning of the dream: serious disappointments

pluck raw 71
Description: limited views

pluck figs 29
Interpretation of the dream: small bumps passengers

plucked chicken 20
Translation: rancor and discord

hunchbacked 34
Dream description: gain both at work and also in the game, prosperity

lucky chance 46
Meaning: deceptive illusion

opportunity lucky 46
Translation of the dream: unnecessary quarrels

plucking a chicken 47
Interpretation: cockiness

pluck the strings of an instrument 48
Sense of the dream: illusions

pluck a daisy 18
What does it mean: You conquer the friendship of a naive person

57 - Smorfia classic: hunchbacked 57

pluck 71
Description: lack of reflection

plucking chickens 26
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts to overcome

plucking birds 45
Translation: embarrassing moments

plucking geese 54
Dream description: pulses to curb

lucky comedian 39

lucky family 61

lucky moment 1

lucky shopkeeper 55