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Host unknown man. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream host unknown man. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

unknown man 65
Meaning of the dream: dangerous temptations

host honest 10
Description: skills in business

unknown guest 36
Interpretation of the dream: significant personal benefits

go to an unknown place 4
Translation: Merry Company

unknown country 17
Dream description: intelligence and satisfaction

unknown 47
Meaning: a part of yourself that repressed and hidden

bloodhound Unknown 11
Translation of the dream: lack of initiative

be a ward unknown 90
Interpretation: winnings

stench of man 64
Sense of the dream: You encounter enemies

beating a man 12
What does it mean: ostentation of virtue

agony of man 11
Meaning of the dream: good omen

The Unknown Soldier 40
Description: live in a poor environment

kill a man 45
Interpretation of the dream: serious damage

defame a man 72
Translation: passion short

Host broken 32
Dream description: sorrows serious

man's ear 29
Meaning: Fortunately threatened

reaction of a man 70
Translation of the dream: situation disappointing

hat man 38
Interpretation: easy money

picking a man 15
Sense of the dream: slow realization

search a man 71
What does it mean: uncertainty as to overcome

humiliate a man 61
Meaning of the dream: important decision

burn a man 15
Description: sympathies dangerous

detest a man 38
Interpretation of the dream: impulsiveness in decisions

dishonor a man 26
Translation: greed for money

revive a man 8
Dream description: failure to repair

thank a man 74
Meaning: proof of confidence

man 6
Translation of the dream: your looks aggressive or competitive

bribe a man 10
Interpretation: susceptibility

force a man 54
Sense of the dream: lightness actions

rehabilitate a man 76
What does it mean: situation stable

cheating a man 23
Meaning of the dream: initiatives not to disclose

offend a man 62
Description: inner insecurity

console a man 56
Interpretation of the dream: quiet life

reassure a man 11
Translation: efforts rewarded

reward a man 36
Dream description: new hope

poison a man 47
Meaning: intentions misunderstood

urinate like a man 10
Translation of the dream: for a woman can express masculine qualities that want to have

save a man 60
Interpretation: enjoyable event

release a man 20
Sense of the dream: Danger averted

discredit a man 8
What does it mean: limited economic possibilities

suppress a man 45
Meaning of the dream: serious damage

man's throat 76
Description: Adventure happy

straighten for a man 75
Interpretation of the dream: novelty in relations between the close kinship

follow a man 87
Translation: wonderful projects

guts of man 6
Dream description: good old age

convulsion of man 35
Meaning: emotional states to balance

corpse of man 47
Translation of the dream: carefree dangerous

help a man 16
Interpretation: bitterness

grudge against a man 49
Sense of the dream: success in love

gift from a man 14
What does it mean: good view, happy

bleeding for a man 18
Meaning of the dream: business is very bad

threaten a man 56
Description: waste of money

turgid for a man 4
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties in business

lash on a man 60
Translation: significant advancements

man's anus 29
Dream description: improvements to be made

proud man 12
Meaning: superficial knowledge

ugly man 9
Translation of the dream: Reports uncertain

crippled man 80
Interpretation: momentary setbacks