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Hospital brother cry. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream hospital brother cry. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

to cry 3
Meaning of the dream: serenity for unexpected news about a person long absent

sharp cry 90
Description: unpleasant surprises

woman cry 47
Interpretation of the dream: need for caution

cry of man 36
Translation: situation cheated

cry of a child 8
Dream description: good wishes

cry of pain 72
Meaning: successful completion of tests

I cry in the night 43
Translation of the dream: great sadness

cry for joy 74
Interpretation: emotional anxiety

cry of rage 71
Sense of the dream: gossip of neighbors

cry for a loss 8
What does it mean: great resignation

boys who cry 3
Meaning of the dream: shock and disappointment

cry wolf 71
Description: issues and concerns

cry of Tarzan 90

begin to cry 78

animal cry 6

go to the hospital 13
Meaning: contrariness

Hospital 36
Translation of the dream: poor health and concerns about a recovery that is slow to come, too little money and lack of recovery of loans

see a hospital 70
Interpretation: anxieties secret

be in hospital 9
Sense of the dream: health recovery

old hospital 13
What does it mean: slow progress

alcoholic hospital 12
Meaning of the dream: harmful thoughts

sick at the hospital 45
Description: sudden trip

foundling hospital 41
Interpretation of the dream: Liberation from concerns

comrade to hospital 50
Translation: consolation to relatives

surgeon at the hospital 68
Dream description: obligations and hassle

hospital ward 73
Meaning: dangerous passion

Doctor Hospital 45
Translation of the dream: instincts to curb

public hospital 81
Interpretation: depression and melancholy

military hospital 12
Sense of the dream: troubling news

mental hospital 49
What does it mean: family relationships stormy

hall of a hospital 42
Meaning of the dream: good health

screen from hospital 77
Description: hostility from relatives

department of a hospital 85
Interpretation of the dream: end of a concern

straight Hospital 78
Translation: good health

transported to the hospital 62
Dream description: possibility to exploit

leave the hospital 18
Meaning: slow progress

smallpox hospital 6
Translation of the dream: uncertainty and doubt

visit a hospital 12
Interpretation: nervousness to control

abortion in hospital 36

bomb a hospital 64

burned in hospital 16

closure of hospital 7

maternity hospital 43

turn to hospital 58

Emperor in hospital 5

hospital bed 52

hospital patients 70

Hospital crazy 28

Archbishop in hospital 77

consumer in hospital 73

lane in hospital 14

doctor in hospital 44

He died in hospital 40

Hospital meal 12

leave the mental hospital 36
Dream description: melancholy of the past

fall asleep in hospital 90

give birth in hospital 3

73 - Smorfia classic: Hospital 73

go with a brother 35
Sense of the dream: self confidence

brother 89
What does it mean: you know yourself

help a brother 7
Meaning of the dream: fortitude

look like brother 59

kill a brother 88
Interpretation of the dream: susceptibility excessive

brother arrested 60
Translation: stop in business

kiss a brother 80
Dream description: thwarted love

slander a brother 2
Meaning: loss of security

coat brother 75
Translation of the dream: prosperity conquered

caress brother 60
Interpretation: postponement of projects

belt by Brother 40
Sense of the dream: lengthy negotiations

confide in a brother 49
What does it mean: fighting spirit and tenacity

congratulate a brother 89
Meaning of the dream: projects unfeasible

accompanied with Brother 84
Description: reconciliation with relatives

older brother 86
Interpretation of the dream: pride and courage

younger brother 28
Translation: disagreement with his father

brother dead 58
Dream description: good novelty