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Holy eye-opener. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream holy eye-opener. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

opener 2

eye pain 24
Description: illness of a family member

exercise the eye 72
Interpretation of the dream: inner resources

eye operation 1
Translation: bad intentions

losing an eye 24
Dream description: legacy of more elderly relatives you

Sparkling Eye 33
Meaning: superficial judgments

ulcer eye 4
Translation of the dream: need for caution

acuity of an eye 36

eye patch 43

Cataract Eye 61

swaddle eye 65

eye socket 32

eye gouging 16

needle with eye gold 26
Translation: changes in position

eye growing on head 36
Dream description: You lose sight

holy will 9

Holy water 15
Translation of the dream: material well-being

holy year 25
Interpretation: good resolutions

holy oil 69
Sense of the dream: confident optimism

holy door 90
What does it mean: great fortune

holy book 7
Meaning of the dream: unexpected visit

holy agnese 2
Description: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

holy clotilde 63
Interpretation of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

holy genoveffa 28
Translation: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

holy seat 90
Dream description: ambitious desires

Holy Week 24
Meaning: Negotiations advantageous

Holy Spirit 5
Translation of the dream: hope, fatality

holy wine 60
Interpretation: voltage state

altar with a holy 49

holy kiss 17

holy child 66

holy carolina 55

holy ash 53

holy diana 38

holy gabriella 5

Holy thursday 24

holy laura 4

holy Monday 5

holy nun 7

holy order 56

holy penelope 21

Holy Cross 24

holy statue 6

Holy Land 5

holy body 80

holy Wednesday 33

holy monk 15

holy Saturday 7

sprinkle with holy water 24
Sense of the dream: injustice

be blessed with holy water 81
What does it mean: desire for improvement

stealing holy water 12
Meaning of the dream: quarrelsome

pour holy water 16
Description: vain aspirations

pilgrimage to the holy land 39
Interpretation of the dream: change of position

stack of holy water 60
Translation: material well-being

sprinkle holy water 8

glass cabinet with holy 14

sign of the cross with holy water 34
Translation of the dream: misunderstanding

lift your eyes 86
Interpretation: happiness in love

open the eyes 29
Sense of the dream: disillusion loving

dry eyes 81
What does it mean: misdeeds suffered

eyewear case 58
Meaning of the dream: ingenuity exploited

burning eyes 20
Description: freedom from annoying people

eyelashes 64
Interpretation of the dream: superficiality harmful

beat eyelashes 32
Translation: peace and security

white eyelashes 52
Dream description: security and sobriety

eyelashes rigged 71
Meaning: obstacles in the profession

long eyelashes 15
Translation of the dream: happiness in family

cover your eyes 85
Interpretation: interests compromised

scars will be reopened 2
Sense of the dream: an old pain was forgotten

scratched eyes 90
What does it mean: energy dispersive

stock opened 4
Meaning of the dream: pleasant trip

eyes 24
Description: is enlightenment, knowledge, understanding, understanding and intellectual awareness

open eyes 79
Interpretation of the dream: right insights

closed eyes 72
Translation: poor luck

eyes fixed 1
Dream description: state of inactivity to overcome

eyes blacks 43
Meaning: business complex to be solved

blue eyes 41
Translation of the dream: good news and expectations

Red eyes 35
Interpretation: Health Concerns

puffy eyes 40
Sense of the dream: rebellion

small eyes 60
What does it mean: cunning discovery

big eyes 35
Meaning of the dream: pleasant adventure

bright Eyes 89
Description: afflictions and when overcoming

sad eyes 47
Interpretation of the dream: aid to be granted