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Hoary old and bad. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream hoary old and bad. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

hoary 15
Meaning of the dream: you will have many descendants

gray hoary 15
Description: you will have many descendants

bad 61
Interpretation of the dream: persecution

look bad 38
Translation: rebellion useless

have a bad 67

bad name 48

bad way 18

bad reception 81
Interpretation: fulfillment of desires

bad business 75
Sense of the dream: next positive change

lamb gone bad 40
What does it mean: unexpected increase of fortune

apartment bad 7
Meaning of the dream: successful economic projects

bad check 65
Description: actions unbecoming

bad action 17
Interpretation of the dream: success of new ideas

bad witch 37
Translation: moral integrity

feeling bad 9
Dream description: nervousness

show bad 14
Meaning: need for greater elasticity

encounter bad 38
Translation of the dream: obstinacy dangerous

bad surprise 13
Interpretation: sentimental melancholy

bad handwriting 51
Sense of the dream: powerful protection

bad complexion 8
What does it mean: relationships relaxing

bad man 31
Meaning of the dream: lack of generosity

bad woman 18
Description: need for greater ease

bad parent 55
Interpretation of the dream: given proper credit to those around you

bad son 80
Translation: collaborators interesting

bad friend 6
Dream description: You are able to bail you out

animal bad 66
Meaning: lack of patience with young people

bad character 37
Translation of the dream: friction with employees

bad companion 68
Interpretation: wrong operations

concept to have a bad 43
Sense of the dream: impatience

agreed bad 42
What does it mean: boldness and energy

bad conduct 70
Meaning of the dream: risks and struggles

bad advice 35
Description: lack of initiative

bad teeth 20
Interpretation of the dream: misunderstandings in family

bad tooth 44
Translation: grief and loss

digestion bad 88
Dream description: persecution complex

tortuous, bad 23
Meaning: the opposite

bad fairy 44
Translation of the dream: nervous temperament

bad brother 63
Interpretation: good luck abroad

bad leg 30
Sense of the dream: embarrassment of choice

bad language 16
What does it mean: unfortunate mishap sentimental

Cabinet with a bad 10
Meaning of the dream: serious altercation

bad for the gum 66
Description: do not trust the friends that you are neighbors

bad news 4
Interpretation of the dream: hard won

bad opinion 76
Translation: intransigence in love

bad father 22
Dream description: physical endurance

talking bad 82
Meaning: motions of anger

stepfather bad 24
Translation of the dream: contrasts with family

having bad navel 1
Interpretation: expect bad things from your parents

chewing bad 60
Sense of the dream: do not forget an offense received

rations bad 7
What does it mean: sighs of love

be on bad terms 7
Meaning of the dream: slow progress

bad references 72
Description: unexpected advances

be in bad relationships 34
Interpretation of the dream: hidden desires

have a bad reputation 84
Translation: sick passenger

bad answer 88
Dream description: gratitude and sincerity

get a bad result 51
Meaning: achieving a goal

jailer bad 35
Translation of the dream: businesses difficult

bad dream 71
Interpretation: social prestige

bad weather 86
Sense of the dream: explaining to do

bad mood 48
What does it mean: litigation

bad food 15
Meaning of the dream: sudden conclusion

hearing bad 43
Description: all you will stay dark

bad embassy 21

drink bad 35

bad horse 69

bad customers 50

bad education 39

bad day 17

bad idea 36

bad teaching 49

bad habits 27

bad nerves 59

bad eyes 25

bad ears 75

bad bladder 57

bad premonition 27

bad view 66

condoning bad 20

bad morning 88

bad thoughts 7

bad girl 2

lose a bad habit 35
Description: rapid business

acquire a bad habit 23
Interpretation of the dream: fears and pains