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Historical facts. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream historical facts. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

telling facts 41
Meaning of the dream: problems of the past that come back

disputed facts 3
Description: Understanding difficult

confirm the facts 14
Interpretation of the dream: lasting friendships

tell their facts 2
Translation: painful isolation

remember facts 21
Dream description: amazement

reveal the facts of the other 43
Meaning: friendship renewed

historical Regatta 88
Translation of the dream: brief report

face facts 68
Interpretation: adjustment of contrast

historic castle 23
Sense of the dream: return of an old flame

historical story 52
What does it mean: tormenting thoughts

historical costume 43
Meaning of the dream: novelty favorable

historical anecdote 77
Description: business discussions

historical novel 22
Interpretation of the dream: compromising relationships

historical essay 26
Translation: I would like to live in another era

a brutal fact 26
Dream description: inventiveness

fretting for a fact 39
Meaning: realizations difficult

glorious deeds 53
Translation of the dream: wheezing and exaggerated penis

miracle 66
Interpretation: laziness and lack of motivation

miracle worker 61
Sense of the dream: you are arrogant

wet rag 70
What does it mean: lucky business

choose rag 4
Meaning of the dream: willingness weak

tragedy 16
Description: improvement in business

rag burned 10
Interpretation of the dream: new force

exciting event 74
Translation: amazement

rag salty 68
Dream description: sure intuition

event alarming 39
Meaning: evil-minded friends

cloth rag 70
Translation of the dream: important change

rag ragged 29
Interpretation: desire for freedom

make a miracle 11
Sense of the dream: someone is trying to cheat you

future event 60
What does it mean: concerns

miracle view it 85
Meaning of the dream: quarrelsome

rag (sauce) 18
Description: noisy chatter of females

Recent event 47
Interpretation of the dream: you regret the past

operate a miracle 4
Translation: naivety

see a miracle 85
Dream description: changes in life thanks to people who love you

rag doll 31
Meaning: Useful experiences

witness to a miracle 54
Translation of the dream: change of life by the work of a good person

good event Command 14
Interpretation: justified expectations

season with rag 54
Sense of the dream: needs of relatives

rag bolt head 36
What does it mean: requests for help

survive a catastrophe 3
Meaning of the dream: Your optimism will help you

assembly of evildoers 6
Description: Love that goes out

assault with a weapon 5
Interpretation of the dream: chatter dangerous

ambition fulfilled 38
Translation: momentary failures

killed by accident 27
Dream description: Fears passengers

story 71
Meaning: business discussions

drown by accident 46
Translation of the dream: betrayal of women

write down a date 60
Interpretation: fighting spirit

bee that makes honey 59
Sense of the dream: freedom from annoying people

car that collides 5
What does it mean: necessity of saving

receive a baggage 20
Meaning of the dream: unfortunate mishap

cap bellhop 15
Description: ability manual

beer factory 57
Interpretation of the dream: unjustified aggression

liquefied bitumen 84
Translation: fatalism unjustified

stigmatize an invoice 66
Dream description: need for caution

funny story 66
Meaning: cheerfulness

meet a benefactor 63
Translation of the dream: You go well for the way you have chosen

attend an accident 9
Interpretation: humiliation

spaceship satisfied 10
Sense of the dream: no one can change the world