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Historical facts. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream historical facts. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

historical novel 22
Meaning of the dream: compromising relationships

historical anecdote 77
Description: business discussions

historical costume 43
Interpretation of the dream: novelty favorable

historical story 52
Translation: tormenting thoughts

historical Regatta 88
Dream description: brief report

historical essay 26

tell their facts 2
Translation of the dream: painful isolation

face facts 68
Interpretation: adjustment of contrast

confirm the facts 14
Sense of the dream: lasting friendships

disputed facts 3
What does it mean: Understanding difficult

reveal the facts of the other 43
Meaning of the dream: friendship renewed

remember facts 21

telling facts 41

beer factory 57
Translation: unjustified aggression

a brutal fact 26
Dream description: inventiveness

meet a benefactor 63
Meaning: You go well for the way you have chosen

factory boss 51
Translation of the dream: financial success

historic castle 23
Interpretation: return of an old flame

manufacture the basket 73
Sense of the dream: Excellent reports

factory chimney 70
What does it mean: unexpected gains

manufacture footwear 51
Meaning of the dream: unexpected obstacles

Payer la facture 89
Description: obstacles in work

fretting for a fact 39
Interpretation of the dream: realizations difficult

directing a factory 56
Translation: futile efforts

factory 12
Dream description: sizes future

paper factory 49
Meaning: prosperity of your business

Silk Factory 27
Translation of the dream: your business goes from bad to worse

tile factory 21
Interpretation: a good friend will make a visit

Factory velvet 11
Sense of the dream: It will fall into the abyss

manufacture paper 2
What does it mean: danger shunned

factor 81
Meaning of the dream: diligently you reach the intent, news of a friend

gloating joy for satisfaction 16
Description: You encounter enemies

Factory worker 70
Interpretation of the dream: welfare and honors

Prehistoric Museum 17
Translation: new knowledge important

manufacture a perfume 3
Dream description: Good news

see a malefactor 30
Meaning: death of friends

manufacturing 30
Translation of the dream: you will feel better

factory owner 90
Interpretation: Good News

see the putrefaction 24
Sense of the dream: you have to try to shake

manufacture the chair 81
What does it mean: projects do not communicate

kitchen artefacts 35
Meaning of the dream: Reports consoling

overseer Factory 72
Description: joy

manufacture or see brushes 88
Interpretation of the dream: disease

betray a benefactor 68
Translation: secret love

manufacture aviary 34
Dream description: bright future

pasta factory steam 3
Meaning: good intentions

benefactor 65

arms factory 8

car factory 39

candle factory 66

hat factory 14

Wax Factory 67

candy factory 43

the match factory 1

Liquor Factory 25

furniture factory 65

pasta factory 86

piano factory 12

Porcelain Factory 89

soap factory 36

shoes factory 32

Tobacco Factory 58

textile factory 61

to manufacture 22

arrested factor 86

villain factor 70

sick factor 56

killed factor 79

stoker factory 87

foreign manufacturing 27

Italian manufacture 10

sugar factory 6

artifact 66

demonstration factory 61

imprison malefactors 48

stone factory 57

rarefaction 1