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Historic site. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream historic site. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

historic castle 23
Meaning of the dream: return of an old flame

historical story 52
Description: tormenting thoughts

historical essay 26
Interpretation of the dream: I would like to live in another era

historical costume 43
Translation: novelty favorable

mining site 85
Dream description: skill and luck

historical novel 22
Meaning: compromising relationships

historical anecdote 77
Translation of the dream: business discussions

construction site 22
Interpretation: projects that fade

busy construction site 55
Sense of the dream: intense activity

site inspection 31
What does it mean: enmities

worker in construction site 86
Meaning of the dream: zeal and patience

visit a construction site 38
Description: momentary setbacks

construction site with workers 77
Interpretation of the dream: successfully delayed

historical Regatta 88
Translation: brief report

dry place 63
Dream description: worries

local market 14
Meaning: casual encounters

waiter of local public 54
Translation of the dream: malignancy verbal

Prehistoric Museum 17
Interpretation: new knowledge important

Local dance 62
Sense of the dream: melancholy and discontent

dark place 19
What does it mean: stubbornness dangerous

change the venue 17
Meaning of the dream: next trip

place of combat 47
Description: I will support happily proof

place extreme torture 6
Interpretation of the dream: you have false friends

crowded place of people 4
Translation: many business views

importance of a high place 2
Dream description: exaggerated enthusiasm

scene 64
Meaning: talk inconclusive

spot 8
Translation of the dream: enmity

martial law 23
Interpretation: grief and loss

locate friends 64
Sense of the dream: momentary difficulties

space 62
What does it mean: no one can change the world

empty parking lot 83
Meaning of the dream: you have to be more reflective

place of honor 23
Description: joy

relocate 72
Interpretation of the dream: excellent physical condition

local bars 54
Translation: needs of employees

fruit spot 6
Dream description: pleasant news

supremacy 4
Meaning: you worry

shipyard 52
Translation of the dream: pleasant companies

beautiful place 5
Interpretation: health ailments passengers

lovely place 70
Sense of the dream: dangers

entry of local 29
What does it mean: gambling

car wash 63
Meaning of the dream: unprepared to a new circumstance

exotic place 88
Description: bitter experience

hangar 42
Interpretation of the dream: Now you can finally rest

space pylon 38
Translation: waiting anxiously

recognize a place 68
Dream description: from health check

space observatory 63
Meaning: envy the wealth of someone

reach a place 46
Translation of the dream: Pending disturbing

desolation (desolate) 1
Interpretation: waiting

place of memories 4
Sense of the dream: slow improvement

topographic map 88
What does it mean: consolations by family

spacesuit 15
Meaning of the dream: novelty in the work

place his hands 40
Description: long trip

claim a primacy 82
Interpretation of the dream: tough win

place a tomb 37
Translation: you regret the past

space capsule 40
Dream description: new ideas and changes in work

solitude remote place 42
Meaning: thoughts and worries

incurring crawlspace 73
Translation of the dream: need advice

blimp hangars 34
Interpretation: pleasant but vain illusions