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High wall of stone. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream high wall of stone. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Wall falling 38
Meaning of the dream: problems to be solved

white wall 30
Description: sudden changes

small wall 72
Interpretation of the dream: attempts to open more your mind

massive wall 22
Translation: you are not sure of your choices

shore up a wall 43
Dream description: difficult task

Canton wall 13
Meaning: instability in the work

wall patched 85
Translation of the dream: separation from family

high bell tower 84
Interpretation: sense of responsibility

stone hell 31
Sense of the dream: good omen

stone fire 3
What does it mean: decisive meeting

stone 52
Meaning of the dream: strength and unit

matt stone 73
Description: insights fallacious

Overseas stone 43
Interpretation of the dream: decisive meeting

stone square 14
Translation: soon you will be freed from a nuisance

amphora stone 7
Dream description: deception avoided

stone step 74
Meaning: efforts to be made

engraving on stone 8
Translation of the dream: amiability family

defacing a wall 37
Interpretation: reversal of fortune

break down a wall 10
Sense of the dream: period of discouragement

demolish a wall 15
What does it mean: danger of slander

height of a wall 66
Meaning of the dream: morbid friendships

barking a wall 43
Description: measures to be taken

high price 86
Interpretation of the dream: ill-acquired possessions

ancient stone 4
Translation: generosity poorly rewarded

being hit by stone 55
Dream description: lack of balance

Wall discolored 32
Meaning: poor reflection

wall under construction 28
Translation of the dream: significant improvement in business

Stone carver 15
Interpretation: sadness

stone obelisk 52
Sense of the dream: desire for novelty

fencing with a wall 46
What does it mean: bad news

stand on a wall 67
Meaning of the dream: financial backers

sepulchral stone 26
Description: honors and awards

molar stone 5
Interpretation of the dream: joy and pleasure

jump from a wall 23
Translation: fear inconsistent

scalar the wall 35
Dream description: rights to be defended

Bullet stone 18
Meaning: obstacles that fall

Wall 11
Translation of the dream: unexpected difficulties arise, obstacles, difficult to overcome

penetrate through a wall 33
Interpretation: work hard

load stone 65
Sense of the dream: disinterestedness

rare stone 73
What does it mean: good deals

semiprecious stone 70
Meaning of the dream: painful separation

knockdown wall 17
Description: spontaneity criticized

throw a stone 36
Interpretation of the dream: melancholy

scraping a wall 6
Translation: return of a loved one

stone pulpit 40
Dream description: unexpected novelty

stone factory 57
Meaning: goal still far away

sketch a wall 17
Translation of the dream: momentary embarrassment

whitewash a wall 17
Interpretation: you have new ideas

scribbling a wall 51
Sense of the dream: laziness and disinterest

pierce a wall 77
What does it mean: tasks unwelcome

mountain high 90
Meaning of the dream: happiness

stonemason cut stone 7
Description: you will become wise in your spending

undermine a wall 37
Interpretation of the dream: presumption exaggerated

tripping over a stone 13
Translation: mistakes are not repeated