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Hen large egg. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream hen large egg. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

hen egg ago 74
Meaning of the dream: happiness and joy

hen 57
Description: losses

brooding hen 3
Interpretation of the dream: Joy and business

hen hatching 1
Translation: happiness in love

hen with eggs 33
Dream description: good inspirations

hen rushes 45
Meaning: dangerous situation

crest of hen 54
Translation of the dream: remorse and fear

hen that hatches 85
Interpretation: unfounded fears

hen pecking 22
Sense of the dream: satisfactions from work

hen with chicks 12
What does it mean: unexpected gain

hen the rooster 3
Meaning of the dream: momentary successes

hen-house 8
Description: mistrust and pessimism

hen eating 56
Interpretation of the dream: misery

hen rasp 80
Translation: disease and death

hen sings 8
Dream description: bad omen

hen which flutters 57
Meaning: imprudence

chicks with mother hen 14
Translation of the dream: waste of money

egg 50
Interpretation: It represents life

an egg alabaster 32
Sense of the dream: intolerance towards youth

albumen (egg) 68
What does it mean: abundance

lay an egg 7
Meaning of the dream: work

egg noodles 7
Description: passing enthusiasm

egg white 41
Interpretation of the dream: joy, luck

fresh egg 53
Translation: you ll get some good news

rotten egg 18
Dream description: disappointments, difficult problems

boiled egg 73
Meaning: minor satisfaction

cooked egg 70
Translation of the dream: the luck on your side

broken egg 45
Interpretation: possible misfortunes

eat egg 51
Sense of the dream: advantage of a favorable moment

egg in the nest 73
What does it mean: joy in family

Herring with egg 35
Meaning of the dream: intransigence exaggerated

egg donut 20
Description: infirmity

egg fettuccine 15
Interpretation of the dream: disappointments in love

shopkeeper egg 5
Translation: false situation

dirty with something or egg red 16
Dream description: persecution of enemies

whisk egg yolk 3
Meaning: important proposal

whisk egg yolk with sugar 59
Translation of the dream: small disappointment

large apartment 21
Interpretation: discord in the family

hound large 12
Sense of the dream: emotional satisfaction

large boiler 40
What does it mean: win-win situation

large kitchen 17
Meaning of the dream: days in a bad mood

large coffee 88
Description: your wishes will be fulfilled

large beans 35
Interpretation of the dream: the deception of women

large family 75
Translation: important protections

large scissors 45
Dream description: never trust placed

It is abandoned by large 55
Meaning: consolation, successful

being persecuted by large 6
Translation of the dream: honor, dignity

large parrot 19
Interpretation: little annoyances

large potatoes 17
Sense of the dream: return of money

large plates 24
What does it mean: fanaticism momentary