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Hell. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream hell. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

hell 44
Meaning of the dream: joyfulness

see hell 51
Description: bad omens

flame hell 13
Interpretation of the dream: bad omen

escape from hell 36
Translation: good luck

Hell with beasts 39
Dream description: excessive voltage

hell with devils 50
Meaning: uncertainty and disappointment

stone hell 31
Translation of the dream: good omen

hear the groans and see hell 46
Interpretation: a heavenly view in order to prepare for death

hell bound 2
Sense of the dream: need to feel protected

mouth of hell 16
What does it mean: benevolence of young people

devil in hell 8
Meaning of the dream: New appointments

bloody hell 58
Description: romance excessive

abyss of hell 69
Interpretation of the dream: women gossip

Hell with the damned 2
Translation: You are experiencing an important period of your life

hell with spread wings 12
Dream description: despair

go to hell 5
Meaning: big losses

that scares the hell 82
Translation of the dream: sadness and melancholy

infernal fire 18
Interpretation: suffering and repentance

see purgatory 35
Sense of the dream: severe pain

souls in purgatory 65
What does it mean: severe pain

77 - Smorfia classic: devils 77

85 - Smorfia classic: the souls in purgatory 85

abad in a public place 47
Interpretation of the dream: Danger averted

barking that bothers 54
Translation: loss of protection

surrender to joy 86
Dream description: false confidences

lower arms 35
Meaning: sadness passing

beautify the garden 51
Translation of the dream: projects fruitless

watering hole with horses 68
Interpretation: interesting journey

dupe the authorities 45
Sense of the dream: reproach

Take the bait with the lawyer 48
What does it mean: harassment

fall into an abyss 47
Meaning of the dream: reckless action

Falling home 15
Description: next gain

wedding dress or bridal dress 80
Interpretation of the dream: flattery

abrasion leg 40
Translation: wrong decisions

academy 76
Dream description: new friendships and opportunities

see academy 70
Meaning: profit

visit academy 35
Translation of the dream: obstacles

be part of an academy 27
Interpretation: issues with relatives

Ballet Academy 17
Sense of the dream: false hopes

academy of sciences 45
What does it mean: sadness

literary academy 66
Meaning of the dream: explanation

Academy of Fencing 28
Description: restlessness

military Academy 60
Interpretation of the dream: discouragement

naval academy 73
Translation: intrigues revealed

gymnastics academy 82
Dream description: Late practices

shelve 16
Meaning: sadness not justified by events, pessimism

shelve hopes 12
Translation of the dream: economic security

pet a friend 22
Interpretation: good wishes

pet the dog 19
Sense of the dream: faithfulness

crumple sweets 59
What does it mean: unjust accusations

crumple fresh grapes 37
Meaning of the dream: realizations

slump for sorrow 48
Description: Happy Marriage

slump for illness 54
Interpretation of the dream: good health

slump for beatings 74
Translation: prosperity

slump fatigue 17
Dream description: pain exceeded

stacking furniture 41
Meaning: heavy duty