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Heavy socks. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream heavy socks. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

socks routes 69
Meaning of the dream: indifference in love

adjust socks 6
Description: ephemeral joys

darning socks 77
Interpretation of the dream: personal affirmation

buy socks 11
Translation: requited love

find socks 29
Dream description: new possibilities

twist the socks 11
Meaning: trouble with women

match socks 16
Translation of the dream: serenity disturbed

socks with embroidery 33
Interpretation: intuitions wrong

socks with row 54
Sense of the dream: useful information

take off your socks 6
What does it mean: return to good condition

new socks 1
Meaning of the dream: unworkable ideas

socks or tights 45
Description: intimacy protection or practicality

colored socks 44
Interpretation of the dream: business cheated

slip socks 72
Translation: It will be granted aid

socks 13
Dream description: new possibilities

socks skier 80
Meaning: ambition fulfilled

mending socks 53
Translation of the dream: economic improvement

socks mountaineer 60
Interpretation: opposition to overcome

buy pair of socks 13
Sense of the dream: loss of a friend

see socks with holes in them 1
What does it mean: deceptive appearance of fortune

pair socks 39
Meaning of the dream: visit

carry heavy objects 84
Description: many are counting on you

balcony with socks 10
Interpretation of the dream: Requests for protection

wand for socks 83
Translation: confidences to avoid

wool socks 22
Dream description: unrequited love

white socks 11
Meaning: diplomacy with superiors

heavy rugs 82
Translation of the dream: soon you are able to get rid of some thoughts

heavy guns 34
Interpretation: loves easy

heavy stomach 44
Sense of the dream: improvements to your health

heavy cavalry 60
What does it mean: you need assistance for families

heavy labor 51
Meaning of the dream: gains difficult to secure

have very thick thighs 70
Description: luck and honors

heavy curtain 48
Interpretation of the dream: great illusions

heavy air 70
Translation: short-lived victory

bring something heavy 80
Dream description: new offspring will increase the family

start a heavy work 88
Meaning: gains difficult to secure

Thick eyebrows 4
Translation of the dream: estimate

heavy load 17
Interpretation: inner security

try stockings 29
Sense of the dream: good omen

do stockings 14
What does it mean: success in love

having stockings 70
Meaning of the dream: good wishes

thick and fleshy shoulders more than usual 1
Description: boredom, sadness

fishnet stockings 68
Interpretation of the dream: incompatibility of character

patch up stockings 28
Translation: sadness

mutate stockings 63
Dream description: rest, security

shaped stockings 7
Meaning: Effective Partnerships

silk stockings 40
Translation of the dream: loss of belongings

fleshcolored stockings 9
Interpretation: durable successes

thread stockings or cotton 9
Sense of the dream: Fortunately mediocre

thickness 57
What does it mean: change of position

thick headed 50
Meaning of the dream: bad advisers

severe indisposition 24
Description: cunning masquerade

fat cheeks 7
Interpretation of the dream: economic embarrassment