Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams


The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: hearth

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59 fireplace or hearth
joy and serenity

55 heartbeat
hidden love

41 irregular heartbeat
exhibitionism exaggerated

21 learn by heart
anger and pain

24 Goodness of heart

84 hearty dinner
joy in family

56 cramp in the heart
anger and resentment

71 human heart
monotonous work

16 having heartache

28 heart animal
to curb impulsiveness

64 heart of gold
objective judgment

11 silver heart
dangerous risks

45 heart
Protection valid and safe

61 heart labored
reasonableness and consistency

18 queen of hearts
conflicts sentimental

33 heartbreak
desires achievable

34 heart operation
success of intent

7 hearty meal
compromises dangerous

6 learn any poetry by heart
vain illusions

75 palpitation of the heart
death next

25 king of hearts
lust for life

53 heartless
inattention dangerous